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    Howl's Moving Castle

    Yeah, Howl's Moving Castle was released on 23rd September in the UK, thinking about seeing it on Saturday, just want to know if it's any good from anyone who might of seen it... Oh yeah, for those who are clueless, Howl's Moving Castle is the latest anime from the creator of Princess Mononoke...
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    Advent Children Ultimate Edition

    Just searching through Lik-Sang for stuff, and found FF7:AC Ultimate Edition. Just read it. For a heafty $295 (around £160) you get: # Cloud + Fenrir (motorbike) Figure Set # Bonus DVD, including: OVA [original video animation] "LAST ORDER FINAL FANTASY VII", a Making Of video, the special...
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    Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Movie

    Having just watched the movie version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I must say I love this :D . I think die hard fans of the book will dislike it (stuff happens that's not in the book) but what do you think of it if you've seen it?
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    What's Your Favorite Webcomic?

    I was just curious, but do any of you read webcomics? Personally I read Ctrl Alt Del, Little Gamers and sometimes Penny Arcade.
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    GP32 Help! Running Program On Gp32

    Hello everyone, Having followed EvilDragons excellent tutorial, I tried to run the resulting program from Tutorial 2 (Hello World) on my GP32. As the link seemed to be broken for the executable (Here) I obtained it from the Fenix Pack Thingy here. When I put the compiled .dcb file in the folder...
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    Is It Just Me, Or...

    Has the GP32x banner at the top of the homepage just gone grey? Or is it my video card screwing up? I also see a Cancer ribbon as well...
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    Clrmame Dat File

    Can someone please upload the clrmame dat file for GP MAME? I kinda accidentally deleted it during a clean up to make room for Far Cry and now I can't find the DAT file to download again :(
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    Atari 2600

    I need help with Atari 2600 emulation. When I try to load GP2600, it simply says "Scanning Directory" and doesn't ever stop (a possible reason for this is it didn't come with a readme and thus I didn't know where to put the roms, and decided to put them in 'GP2600'). When I try to load VCS, the...
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    Rf Link Games

    Which games/ emus can use the RF Link for multiplayer?
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    Audio Compression Problem(?)

    Hi, When I follow the guide here, and then try to save the file as an AVI file in Virualdub(any version - I've tried most of them) it simply says "No audio decompressor could be found to decompress the source audio format". What does this mean and How can I fix it? I am trying to encode a 22...
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    Aquafish Multifw Blu+ Zprs

    Hi, When I make my own custom ZPR for Aquafish Multifirmware v5.01 Blu+ Version and run it, it won't load the FXEs I have set for some of the circles, it just reboots. How can I get the FXEs working?