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    The Real Survey!

    19 4-5 C64 Platform Pinball Dreams 1986-1990 100+ 0≤x<1 6+ 6+ i own a computer shop >_<
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    Gp32 Mysterys!!!! Ooooh!

    As others have said Fxman has one.. It actually has a external converter for lcd->tv Gamepark is pretty good at messing things up.. so probably wont see those.. I know that gamepark has seen payback.. but dont know if they or the author will ever make it It was production ready (atleast for...
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    Empee Interview

    look ma' i'm in tv.. erm .. internet ;)
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    The Truth On Guyfawkes Evil Actions.

    Lets start with this: WORD! I've been trying to run #gp32 & #gp32dev and trying to get best ppl to be ops for quite a while now.. We actually wondered about opping atrkid for a long time.. finally did it with few restrictions .. Then there was some big atrkid vs. the rest of french ppl...
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    #gp32 On Efnet

    warez related stuff i think.. i wont remove the ban but you can ask guyfawkes who banned you
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    Is Gp64 A Legend?

    Yea.. you shouldn't trust anyone who has been around since the end of 2001 ;)
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    Is Gp64 A Legend?

    Well.. i cant really reveal my source but it's closer to gamepark than gamepark itself ;) And to go back to gp32 addons .. there was some ixi stuff done (see i'd really like to see ixi enabled gp32 ;)
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    Is Gp64 A Legend?

    Well.. then they were lying .. GPi is the most powerfull handheld made by them.. dunno if they have started making new hardware since january but i'm sure that there hasn't been anything more than gpi before it
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    Is Gp64 A Legend?

    Eh? i have sources pretty close to gamepark and since january 2004 they had not made anything else than gpi, gp32, few addons to gp32 (like the vga out that fx-man has), old versions of gp32, some weird looking console (no colorscreen etc) for some korean company, ixi stuff and some other...
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    Gbax2004 Vs Tomak Compo 2004

    Falken .. yea.. but when someone asks you to remove text THEY have written you should really remove it .. not just say "no it's not a copyright infrigment" I would had had no problems with you if you had just done as guyfawkes asked.. not come and whine and #gp32dev.. and for your (and few...
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    Gbax2004 Vs Tomak Compo 2004

    Ok.. since ppl are fighting this over irc i want to bring this here too ;) Guyfawkes sent the authors of tomak compo an email asking them to remove the rules that infridge their copyrights .. the texts .. on tomak compo page: - The closing date of the competition is May 1st 2004 at midnight...
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    Flashchip Upgrade

    Wont be a problem since i have professional dude working with me and the length of the jump wires wont be too long Yet again samsung s3c2400x01 docs come to resque .. the chip supports 16bit flash as well as 8bit so that wont be alot of problem .. only few more wires ;) basically i'll be...
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    Flashchip Upgrade

    Well that's where my JTAG cable comes in .. i can reflash it after it's installed ;) And i'll probably do the mem upgrade while i'm at it.. if i can just find the right type of ram for it (salvaging some old computer ram's) And yes it would be great for linux atleast with the 32mb ram mod ...
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    Flashchip Upgrade

    it's not the ram i'm upgrading .. it's the flash rom that has bios&menu (firmware as some ppl call it) i got offer for 5chips 25euros each .. i'm going to buy 2 but need someone else buying these too to get the 5 .. i can make simple guide how to make the mod but you need to have damn good eyes...
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    Flashchip Upgrade

    I'm planning on upgrading my gp32's (and maybe spiv's if i get mine working) flash chip. The original is Atmel AT49BV040-90VC 512k byte (8bit wide) bios flash and i'm planning on replacing it with Sharp LH28F128BFHED-PWTL90 128mbit flash memory or something similar. If any electronics guys have...
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    Mizi linux has option to compile it for "Gamepark GPi32"
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    GP32 on Slashdot

    yeh.. that's why it has few million viewers daily.. or maybe the desing is like that so it would work fast for the few million viewers.. ;)
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    someone should modify this board so that it automatically bans if you use words "warez" "gamez" or "roms" that would really get these fuckers off from here
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    What firmware is on your GP32?

    it's multifw2 ;)
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    No sound in Monkey Island 1?

    but the problem is .. how to fit a 2cd game to 128mb smc card? ;P even the ripped version of comi was around 1cd ;)