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    Oldplay - Your Fave Music

    As suggested by timofonic when I posted this into the Oldplay release news topic, I'm starting a new topic for it here. What are your top 10 (or 20 if 10 isn't enough) modules/chiptunes (preferably with links to downloads). I'm an Amiga nut so my top 20 is all Amiga. Heres what I'm loving in...
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    Serial Cable

    I just got my serial lead, it seems very well made, was well packaged and delivered in good speed etc. One endorsement for toyz4boyz here. Now if only i can figure out why windows thinks my serial port is already in use even though I've never used it; I can test it!
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    Quiz, How Many Can You Get?

    Found this little quiz while browsing, it caused a lot of fun to break out in the office, how many can you get? Quiz (needs M$ Excel or something to read XLS files) I'm stuck on 13/38/39
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    Best/notable Atari 800 Games

    I loved my Atari 800xl when I was a kid, it was the precursor to the Amiga and knocked spots off the C64, if only it had more support in europe it would have been the top system of the 80's. I've been trying to find new gems in my rom collection to play on the gp32_console but there are so...
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    Does The Gp32 Reduce Your Ability To Spell? I can't believe this person actually put this into an ebay auction as an advert for something he hopes to sell. Made me laugh out loud! Not to mention advertising it with illegal software or trying to get £150 for it, and its...