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    The Rabbit Joint

    Hmm, haven't been on GP32x in almost a year... Just thought I'd drop in for a bit.
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    New Board Record

    BaDToaD- I still have the cover for your book :lol: It's on another computer though...
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    New Board Record

    Wow... Azure... RCX... thebluenewt, even! I miss 'em. The board used to be better :(
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    Gizmondo Exec In Jail

    I eat corn, fast asleep.
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    The Ultimate Question

    ur mam
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    Ice Cream Store!

    i am so going to buy some ice cream RIGHT NOW.
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    Gizmondo Exec In Jail

    ohh ohh ohh i cn speel
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    Psp Remodel Expected

    You don't have to be a fanboy to know that the DS is a worthless piece of trash.
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    A ant? Trillian? :ph34r:
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    Evildragons Avatar

    Neither. EvilDragon, post your old Hulkatar.
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    Best Computer

    This one.
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    Evildragons Avatar

    Anyone remember the Hulk?
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    Sorry, Peter. You're just dumb.
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    Gngeo2x 0.6.9 *update*

    Hah, barely.
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    Yet Another Joystick Mod - Part 2

    "And, ooooh boy, is it ever tasty!"
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    Sd Card Filesystem

    Honestly, quit whining and buy a card reader. You bought the slim-supported console from an upstart foreign company, you pay for it. And saying "fuck" doesn't make you sound edgy.
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    Pah! 2x6 is way better than 2x2 w/ shoulder buttons. How the hell would my arcade-mod joystick work (besides 4-button style)? There's alwasy KOF 92...
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    Music Program

    A loops program would take SOOOOOO much space, and the GP wouldn't be able to handle that much real-time processing.
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    Pump it Up= teh suck.
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    Finally Have My Gp2x

    On any other forum, this topic would be shut down. Who cares? I have a GP2x and I didn't go prancing around waving it about. Sheesh...