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    Gbax2004 Vs Tomak Compo 2004

    Ok.. since ppl are fighting this over irc i want to bring this here too ;) Guyfawkes sent the authors of tomak compo an email asking them to remove the rules that infridge their copyrights .. the texts .. on tomak compo page: - The closing date of the competition is May 1st 2004 at midnight...
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    Flashchip Upgrade

    I'm planning on upgrading my gp32's (and maybe spiv's if i get mine working) flash chip. The original is Atmel AT49BV040-90VC 512k byte (8bit wide) bios flash and i'm planning on replacing it with Sharp LH28F128BFHED-PWTL90 128mbit flash memory or something similar. If any electronics guys have...