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    GP2X does not turn on. Batteries and AC adapter tested.

    I know this is a long shot seeing how old the console is. My GP2X has not been used in ages. I tried turning it on today but it does nothing. Even the leds do not blink. I tested with an AC adapter and batteries. I don`t know how to find where the problem is. But I`m familiar with electronics...
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    Help with dreamcast emulation in GPD win1 (mint 20.04)

    Hi, I'm struggling with this without any success. I expect the GPD win to be able to run dreamcast pretty well. But the flycast core in retroarch is too slow and reicast installed as a snap crashes with error: reicast: pcm.c:1250: snd_pcm_writei: Assertion `pcm' failed. Aborted (core dumped)...
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    Which software do you miss on Pyra?

    I'm not getting any email from ED, and wanted to raise the question to keep me entertained. I'm asking obviously about things that we won't find in Debian ARM repo and we need someone to port or adapt it to Pyra. My point of view is that regarding productivity, all I need will be there on the...
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    Cloud gaming services in Pyra?

    Never been much interested in these services but just found this article in reddit: And wondered if they may work in Pyra. Some of them only need a chromium based browser and a regular gamepad. Is there any...
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    GPD win (first one) LCD cable, where to buy?

    My GPD win is developing PTOD like pandora. The LCD flickers and distorts color when I move the hinge. I can find only GPD win 2 cables on internet. Is it the same for the original GPD win? Does anyone known of a manual or video explaining how to change it? Thanks.
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    LCD cables available again in dragonbox shop

    Just got an email announcing that there some ones available again. I already ordered mine and a new keyboard rubber. It will be a joy to see pandora working again.
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    Linux on GPD Win 1. Where to begin?

    Hello, I just bought an used gpd win 1. And my goal is to use exclusively with linux. Any recommendations or feedback about the experience is welcome. Which distro to use? Specific patches and configurations? Any community active about this topic? I know that this topic was talked a lot when...
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    Advice configuring PPSSPP on a JDXS5110b (or similar)

    Hello, So basically I got this handheld some years ago thinking that I wouldn't be able to fix my pandora. But after getting it someone answered in the forum explaining that my problem was the LCD coil. Then I stored the JDX since i liked pandora much more, I just wanted something cheap to play...
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    Is there a way to get a LCD cable?

    I read several times that no cables are available, and dragonshop deon't even lists them. My pandora just got permanent PTOD. I was expecting this sooner or later and I was praying to get a pyra before it happened, well, bud luck. So, anyone knows if there is a way to get this LCD cable? I...
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    Best way for script to do web request and system commands

    Hello, I have got a DVB-T server at home. I created a web interface that initializes the receiver and then mumudvb generates a streaming link that can be opened with VLC or similar. This was nice in older firefox versions because the link was opened with the vlc-plugin and it was seamless. In...
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    Why firefox and palemoon can't resolve my home hostnames

    Hello, I was curious about this because I have many things at home that I access its hostname but it fails on Pandora. I have my DNS served by the DHCP configuration and in command-line it just works using nslookup, but then palemoon and firefox are unable to resolve any of my servers. It...
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    Want to learn 3D CAD for 3D printing, where do I begin?

    Hello all, Since there is a lot of interest here for home-built things I think is the right place to ask. Basically I want a guide or course to learn 3D CAD.Something with guided exercises wit increased difficulty. If based on open source software and can be followed in Linux, much better, but...
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    snes emulation and real-time clock? (regarding far east of eden zero)

    Hello, I knew about far east of eden zero, and it came to my mind a while ago. Reading about it it seems to have a real-time clock that has some impact on the gameplay. Can any snes emulator in pandora mimic the behabiour of this clock (reading it from the OS or anyhow)? It is possible to...
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    SD card dead due to exFAT?

    Hello, So my newest card died in exactly a year and I'm wondering if filesystem has something to do with it. It's the only card where I used exFAT. Is there any filesystem recommended to avoid wear on the SD card? Even if it has worse performance. This was a kingston 256GB, I don't know which...
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    Best playable alternative to settlers DS on pandora?

    Hello, So, I found this game and was curious about it. Sure I heard about the series but never played or read what it was about. Then I started playing and immediately got hooked to it. At first it was really fun but then started to notice crashes and AI errors and thought that it was just the...
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    Want to buy a CNC mill kit, need some advice

    Hello, So I really want to get one of those. I have absolutely 0 knowledge about them and since in this forums there is all kind of hobbyists I thought that it may be a good place to ask. First a bit of background: I know my way around mechanization. I usually work with nylon, polypropylene...
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    Is UDF recommended for pandora (and pyra) sd cards?

    So you may kill me but after 15 years using linux just found this UDF filesystem. I wanted to format a 128GB usb disk to something permission/user agnostic since I want to use in many places, some of them where I'm unable to change any configuration, or install anything. exFAT seemed the way...
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    Simple iptv pvr for kodi. Is it possible?

    Hello, I just discovered this thing and it would be nice to have on pandora as a mean to have a kind of portable TV. Got it working in android but seems that on linux you need to install the addon as a system package. I guess that the angstrom repo is too old. Then how would this be possible...
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    CIFS in gigolo: DBus error

    I got this error in gigolo when I try to mount a cifs share. DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus) I'm running superrzaxxon 1.76 but I'm sure this happened for years. Can't know exactly when it began but lately I needed this...
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    "Dumb" laptop as a Pyra accessory (a la nexdock)?

    Ok, I really didn't know how to summarize the topic of this thread. I was wondering if there was something like the first iteration on the market or if people would like something like this as a Pyra accessory. This is basically a dumb foldable case that includes...