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    Hurray Another Joystick Mod

    I have some syringes at home because I have to medicate one of my ferrets and I figured the rubber tip at the end of the plunger would make an excellent joystick. It's attached to the plunger in the same way the joystick cap is attached to the gp2x and the pins are about the same size. The...
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    Yafl Resource Site Updated

    Hi guys, it took me long enough but I finally updated 'the' YAFL resource site. No new themes (yet) and I just added a few icons I still had but the site changed a lot: new design, new graphics, updated the faq and I added a reviews section. I reviewed a few games I really like and for each of...
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    Card Reader/writer Advice

    I have some problems with my USB 2.0 Sweex external 6-in-1 cardreader: when I write a large amount of data (many MP3 files or whole movies) to my 1GB Kingston SD card the data corrupts, same thing happens with a second card (same size and brand) I don't have any problems with any other USB...
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    New Yafl Themes

    I have made two new themes for YAFL: Mac and Windows. I also made a new icon for Pogy's Adventures in Bobble World. I have noticed I forget to update the non-script version of the themes page. Does anyone actually turn of javascript? According to my sitestats the non-script version does not get...
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    A Few New Yafl Icons

    I have updated my website with some new icons for Bolcataxian, Crocodingus in Crocoland, Garfield Comic Viewer, GPCinema, MultiPac and Pyramids2. I'm going to add a new category for game interpreters (sarien, freesci, scummvm) and I'm looking for icons of games that can be played with these. I...
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    Crap Compo Iconpack

    Most crap competition games did not come with icons so I have made a Crap Compo iconpack for use with YAFL. It will only be available for a limited time so get yours while you can. The link is (in) my sig.
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    Free Ipods

    I know the last topic about this has been locked and please feel free to lock this one too but I wanted to share this. It made me smile :-)
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    Yafl Theme-building Guide

    I have added a theme-building guide to my YAFL resource site. Follow the link in my signature or download the guide here. If there are any errors or if you feel it is incomplete please let me know.
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    Yafl Icons & Themes

    Just wanted to let you guys know I made a website with icons and theme-files for YAFL. You can visit it here, enjoy (or not :))
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    Smc Deceased?

    Yesterday my SMC started acting funny, files got corrupted and I couldn't write to it in my GP32. I formatted it with both Pacrom (2 bad blocks) and PC-Link but it's still not working correctly. I can read it and write to it in my card reader but I can't write to it in my GP32 and when I insert...
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    Stuck In Box

    I need serious help, I'm absolutely stuck in Box level 73. I tried over and over but couldn't get through so I decided to cheat (I know, bad). I found a website with Sokoban solutions and found that the level they have there is one block wider so there is more space to move around. Now I'm not...
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    Yafl Icons

    I have been using YAFL for a while and I love the option to change an fxe's icon for a full-size icon of my own choice. I have been looking for YAFL icons/iconpacks (like the ones created for Wind-Ups) but couldn't find any so I decided to 'make' them myself. Figured maybe some other people...
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    Yafl Icons

    Recently started using Aquafish multifirmware with YAFL and I absolutely love it. I 'made' some icons for the emulators I use and for a couple of the games and was wondering if there are iconsets for YAFL (like there are for Wind-ups) I know you can use the smaller Wind-ups-icons but IMO it...
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    Looking For Console Icon/graphics Collection

    I'm looking for a good icon/graphics collection with all (or as many as possible) the consoles emulated on the GP32 drawn in the same style and -if possible- from the same angle. I want to make a background picture for Wind-ups using these icons/graphics. On top of icons/graphics I will use...
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    Cleaning The Screen

    My GP32 (FLU) came with some dust inside which gets irritating real fast. I know how to take the grey cover & screen of but I want to know what to use to clean the screen underneath. The plastic screen in the grey cover can easily be cleaned with a little water but if anyone has a better...
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    MP3-player for Wind-ups

    Does anybody know a decent MP3-player I can use with Wind-ups? Please don't start about an OGG-player, I know they exist but I'm not looking forward to ripping and encoding all my CD's again. Thanks...
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    Save settings in Rlyeh's emu's

    I searched and I read the readme's but couldn't find an answer to this question: ( if I overlooked: sorry ) Is there a way to save the settings ( like stretching, frameskip etc ) in Rlyeh's emulator's so these settings will be set each time you start the emu ( like in an ini-file )? If this is...