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    If you are speaking of the "wxPython" PND, then it's more up-to-date Python than the one by default on the pandora, and with a lot of addon, including wxPython or Ren'Py...
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    Box86 - Linux Userspace x86 Emulator

    And some Q&A on box64 on Boilingsteam
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    Box86 - Linux Userspace x86 Emulator

    A new article about the Inner working of both box86 & box64:
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    It will work with a GTX1660 too. And I enjoyed (re)playing it with RTX effect :D
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    Release Robin Hood Demo

    Probably, by extracting PND binary and setup.
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    running linux arm executables on Pandora

    I already did a few PND based on box86. Not a stand alone launcher, but games packaged with box86 like Donkey Kong (I did quite a few, really, like Descent 3, FTL, Undertale, Neko Puzzle, Deltarune...). I don't think at this point a "stand alone" pnd would change much inside Pandora community...
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    Release Prototype

    If c4a would be ported on Pyra, I could enable it in this one (and a few other) yes.
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    I don't have it, so cannot test my self, but why not, it could work yes.
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    Well, the enhanced edition needs windows and opengl 2.x: it may not work for now with wine/gl4es, because of some gl4es issue (GLES2 backend crash with wine Direct3D internal testing), but if it's pure OpenGL, it might works... But...
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    Release Serious Sam The Second Encounter (Full & Demo)

    Good. build is in the repo, both full and demo version now. Build 02 ----------- Fixed Packaging
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    Release Serious Sam The Second Encounter (Full & Demo)

    I have just uploaded a new package. I tested it on my Pyra, copy the data from Steam version, and it worked fine. I'll upload the demo package later (need more time to upload)
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    Release Serious Sam The Second Encounter (Full & Demo)

    Also @Magic Sam , I think you forgot to NOT COPY the Bin folder! (but I did forgot the pyrainput.cfg file)
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    Release Serious Sam The Second Encounter (Full & Demo)

    I may have messed up the packaging.
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    One DBP a Day!

    So that's it. After 3 weeks, I end the 1st "One DBP a Day" operation. Hope you liked it.
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    Release GTA Vice City

    Here is reVC, a reversed engineered engine for GTA Vice City You'll need the full data installation to play this. The Steam version of the game works. Simply copy all the "Grand Theft Auto Vice City" folder content into "appdata/gtavc" folder. The default config is adapted to the pyra (both in...
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    Release GTA III

    New build on the repo. I tried to tweak a bit the control scheme, but didn't find any "secondary fire". You need to switch weapons for that. (try the (I) button?). You can also change the config in game, and send me the resulting re3.ini and I'll update the dbp with that. Note that you need to...
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    Release Serious Sam The Second Encounter (Full & Demo)

    Here is Serious Sam: The second Encounter, the follow up of famous FPS from Croteam You need the data from the full game to play this one. Just copy all the folder exept the Bin one to appdata/serioussam_tse If you don't own the the game, you can find a dbp with Dema data here. Those dbp use...
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    Release Serious Sam The First Encounter (Full & Demo)

    It should be in "Scripts/PersistentSymbols.ini"
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    Release Puzzle Moppet

    I have worked on Irrlicht engine. I'm more focussed on SupterTuxKar 0.8.1 and HCraft for now, but I'll try to check this one later (I think it want an older version of the engine).
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    Release Tread Marks

    Here is Tread Marks, the commercial Tank Battle / Race that was opensource some times ago The game use gl4es and is smooth on the Pyra. I tried to get control handly on the Pyra, not sure it's the best way. Fell free to play with appdata/treadmarks/pyrainput.cfg and the in-game control mapping...