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  1. PinkSpider

    Pc Woes

    Hello, more technical woes here. Firstly I have a new Motherboard/ Cpu/ Ram and GPU. Its all nicely plugged in, the Graphics card is in its PCI-E slow, it has two power cables going in. Also there is a cable going into the board (I have no idea why but there is a slot). However when I turn the...
  2. PinkSpider

    Pstwo Woe-athon

    Hello! My PSTwo seems to have died (slimline model). Anyways I have all these lovely game for it; Katamari, ICO, Shadow Of The Colossus etc. Now its been running fine recently, and last night it just stopped reading disks (all of them; black, silver and blue). It says disk reading when I close...
  3. PinkSpider

    Question: Setting Up A Play Account.

    Hello. I really want to use, I mean im rich and its really cheap. However the only times ive ordered from there its rejected my visa electron card. I typed the number in (the middle, longish one). And my other details, these all work on Amazon but its been rejected. And ive checked ive...
  4. PinkSpider

    Mp3 Recommend-you-do!

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, I want an mp3 player, I generally want atleast 10gig of storage space on and I dont care if its no iPod to look at. Any recommendations?
  5. PinkSpider

    Adware Help

    Im currently running CS and every time an Internet Explorer part appears then a pop up loads. To rectify this problem I have tried using Microfoft anti-spyware, adaware and spybot search and destroy. And its still here... GAH.
  6. PinkSpider

    Xbox Me Do/ Dont/ Argh.

    I need help! Right, I have an xbox, softmodded it using UDE1 or something, I installed MXM and that. Right now, 50% of the time it doesent seem to boot up into mxm and I have to load the save game to get into it. Secondly I want to uninstall and reinstall and the software wont do it anymore (I...
  7. PinkSpider

    Gamecube To Usb

    Im setting my pc up with tvout and that aswell so I can play roms and that and I decided to get a Cube to USB adapter. Anyone know how good these are, aswell as if they work with wavebirds? Also is there anywhere in the UK I can order from or I lik sang my best bet?
  8. PinkSpider

    What Are You Wearing?

    Black flared cords and a black shirt for me. And you?!
  9. PinkSpider

    Cheapo Xbox

    So where can I get one cheap other than Ebay? They are going for 85 quid at Gamestation and I could afford one in two weeks but ideally I'd like a bit off so I can get stuff to softmod the bitch up aswell.
  10. PinkSpider

    Scart Cable For N64/ Snes/ Cube

    Right I got my N64 today for free (sweet) and Ive odered Lylat Wars so im pretty much set. Anyways I remember the cube, snes and n64 have the same cable stuff, however my snes doesent have an av out (I used to use my cubes before I sold it). So where can get one of these on the cheap?
  11. PinkSpider

    What To Buy... Hmm?

    I cannae decide. Oh yes and PS2 only (or PSX if its cheap and that!).
  12. PinkSpider

    Playstation Two Helpeeee

    Right, I have me a pstwo and its sextacular, but which game should I get next. Ive completed FFX but wouldnt mind completing it again as it did it a year ago. However the other two look nice. Also is Burnout 2/3 any good for someone who isnt an amazing fan of racers. Also any other RPG...
  13. PinkSpider

    Usb Mass Storage

    I bought myself a brand spanking new PSTwo the other day and I got Xploder Media Center V5 free with it aswell as Soul Calibur 2. Anyways I want to use the media functions of Xploder but I need a mass storage device (and no the GP32 + GPDrive does not work). So is there any way (apart from...
  14. PinkSpider

    Cheap Ps2 Needed

    Im moving out and need a cheap ps2 to keep me entertained (no ebay). Please?
  15. PinkSpider

    Pc Fucked - Hellp

    I need my good pc, going insane on this shitty PC. So I got a new hard drive (well a mate nicked it from work) - that didnt fix the problem I ran diagnostic tests on it - all passed I tried it with only 256mb ram in (i took 1 stick of ram out at a time) - didnt fix the problem I took the...
  16. PinkSpider

    Rpg Recommendations

    So what good rpg games work on the GP32 (im trying to refind the passion I had for the gp and RPGs sex me up good style). Anyways so far I have: - Final Fantasy 1 (NES) - Good RPG to play on LJGP runs full speed and all, and the fastforward means you can skip the slow bits. - Final Fantasy 2...
  17. PinkSpider


    Gotta go away in half an hour and have no files on my gp32 and cant get IGp32 to work. I can connect the other tool but I cant use it and argh, help. Also it doesent say how to use it in the readme.
  18. PinkSpider

    Sony Ericsson K500i

    What can this baby do? Ive just got one and setting up email is proving to be a fucking arse. Anyways it says it runs java, so should it run every java app/ game? I need a usb cable so I can put stuff on it also :( Anyone know where I can get one on the cheap?
  19. PinkSpider

    Finding Imei Number

    I just bought a K500i new for 80 quid and I need to register it, but to do this I need to find the IMEI number, which I cant. Help?
  20. PinkSpider

    Mobile Phone

    Im thinking about getting one of these guys: Opinions, im looking for something under 50 quid with a good cam, looks good. Stuff like mp3s are nice and games but not necesasary. It looks pretty shit in the pic but it looks nice in...