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    :blink: link works for me
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    Current Emulators

    try this link its not the best but a good starting place with some screen shots B)
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    Frogpad it uses a standard HID driver from what i can tell. "The FrogPad™ mobile keyboard provides the first practical implementation of a full function keyboard for use in an anywhere, anytime, with any device mode of information access and input. It is a one-handed keyboard which enables...
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    GP2X Rockbox On The Gp2x

    Why not just make a better audio player <_<
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    3.5" Battery Enclosures

    how about one of these ? to power Usb hard drive from Bob
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    Scorched Earth Clone

    I dont know how i missed that :blink:
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    Scorched Earth Clone

    I wish i could code :( but maybe some one else will think its cool "Xscorch is a clone of the classic DOS game, "Scorched Earth". The basic goal is to annihilate enemy tanks using overpowered guns. :) Basically, you buy weapons, you target the enemy by adjusting the angle of your turret...
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    Worms Clone

    Wormux is a free clone of Worms, playable with two players. It provides a wide variety of team skins and maps. Freshmeat link home page i think this would be cool
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    The Ext Port

    thanks thats good to know
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    Free Daily Cartoon

    Frederator Studios has launched a new daily vintage cartoon video podcast called refrederator . The free series will feature classic public domain cartoons, including Bugs Bunny, Mighty Mouse, Daffy Duck, Betty Boop, Little Lulu, Porky Pig, Donald Duck and Felix the Cat, along with fairy tales...
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    The Ext Port

    try this link it might help B) I hate when people snap about the search thing, because the seach doesnt work that well
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    Ush Host Cable Help

    Ok one more just to make sure all of the grounds should connect to a common check out my image
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    Hd Mod Idea, 20gb 1.8" Hd $80

    lol I have a 40 gig 1.8 in a case that im converting at the moment. the nice thing about the 1.8 is it runs on 3.3 Volts
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    Ush Host Cable Help

    ok is the same thing ture about the 15k being ohms? because all i can find is 10 or 22K at radio shack ( You have questions, we have blank Stares )
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    Ush Host Cable Help

    I have a USB HDD enclosure for it that I will sacrifice that has an external power supply plug that a set of batteries will power Hard drive case link
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    Ush Host Cable Help

    So because the hard drive is self powered do not need the voltage regulator
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    Aurora For 2.0

    Awsome Skin, Thanks a lot.
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    Ush Host Cable Help

    Sorry fixed my profile, I'm from Utah, USA.... and I know it says USH. I saw it after I posted. I have a Hitachi Travelstar C4K40 1.8 " hard drive which only need +3.3VDC to run so I want to build a case that would fit the hard drive, batteries, and the needed circuit. All i can tell from...
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    Ush Host Cable Help

    i was going to build a usb host cable for a USB harddrive but i cant seem to find the parts can any one break it down into a list ? thanks
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    Replacement Caps Now Available

    Just wondering so if i wanted one i would need to paypal 2.65 UKP plus a little extra to cover their charges too ? and is the a picture anywhere?