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  1. J

    Usb Connection Problem

    after finally getting my 2x f100 working i went out and got myself a nice big 8gb card. anyway, i updated the firmware to 4.1.0 and now i can't use the usb connction on it. tried it with differant machines, but just can't get it working. anyone know what's happening, or is it just that it no...
  2. J

    Wtb:all Your Classic Stuff

    amiga 500 (with 1 meg expansion card) with about 8 games, joystick. no power supply. free if you want it, just pay postage (which will be quite a lot as it's big) oops, says you only want cart based stuff.. anyway, if anyone else on here wants it, they are welcome to pm me ;)
  3. J

    Wtb: Joystick Cap

    pm'd sorry, was away AGAIN ;)
  4. J

    Wtb: Joystick Cap

    wanted, joystick cap for f100. mine fell off and got vaccumed up by a cleaner last week on holiday, and i'm in need of another. hopefully a posh aftermarket one, or an original, don't care just need one. let me know and name your price. cheers, Carl.
  5. J

    Gp2x Accessories

    interested in the AC cable, and payback if it's got the joystick cap with it. where are you based?
  6. J

    Nintendo Ds (phat) With Supercard

    sold for 50 squids. cheers all ;)
  7. J

    Nintendo Ds (phat) With Supercard

    any advance? ;P
  8. J

    Nintendo Ds (phat) With Supercard

    had this a while, and it's time to pass it on now i've got my gp2x sorted :) machine boxed with the metroid game and flashed to latest flashme (i forget) comes with supercard cf,(boxed) and about 10 cards all 128/258mb plenty for homebrew and even bootlegging if you're into that. i've got the...
  9. J

    512 Mb Sd Cards..

    i've got 10x 512mb kingston elite pro sd cards for sale from scrapped sat navs, formatted and ready to use in your gp2x (they are basically brand new cards) £5 each shipped in the uk. cheers, Carl.
  10. J

    Bunch Of Broken Gp32s For Sale

    how many do you have? might be interested in a lot..
  11. J

    Fba2x - Finalburn Alpha Beta 6 Released

    Power Instinct(powerins,powerina,powerinb) -> Works with fullspeed [ even powerinb ] O M G ! i'm gonna have to get my gp2x fixed, i've been waiting for power instinct to be emulated on a handheld. also reminds me that i need to dump my world version pcb for mame..
  12. J

    Wtb: Faulty Gp2x

    not really, the plastic used is really really brittle.
  13. J

    Wtb: Faulty Gp2x

    i opened it to repair something that had fallen off the board when i dropped it, and put screws back in that were the wrong ones, they cracked the front of the casing and split off the screw holes where the screws attatch to. whilst doing that the board got damaged AGAIN! heh.
  14. J

    Wtb: Faulty Gp2x

    heh, don't worry i found it ;) got a mate of mine to order it for me. should be with me in about a week. this knackered old donkey WILL become a galloping horse when i've finished!!!
  15. J

    Wtb: Faulty Gp2x

    heh, i searched for joystick, but that did not come up! anyway, cheers!
  16. J

    Wtb: Faulty Gp2x

    website is back up. i can't seem to find it on there, there are a quite a few joysticks, but they are POT controlled, not switch. do you have the part number or something? thanks, Carl.
  17. J

    Wtb: Faulty Gp2x

    yeah, RS that's it, cheers. i'll have to wait for them to sort out the webpage. i don't see the point in doing a d-pad mod, i'm one of the few people who found the original stick alright to use ;)
  18. J

    Wtb: Faulty Gp2x

    well, good news, i got the machine running (sort of) replaced what was missing on the board, but encountered another problem, the joystick assy is now knackered for some reason, won't recognise any of the up directions, the board is alright tho, as they still work when jumped with a bit of wire...
  19. J

    Sega Mega Cd Games

    iso's would come from your original cd's. just pop them into your pc and use a cd ripping program such as nero, or cdrwin (i used to use that all the time) and select the disk image output to iso/mp3.
  20. J

    Action Buttons

    6 face buttons, everyone has had a go at me for saying it, but the only gametypes i play are fighters, and they mostly need 6 buttons, shoulder buttons just fuck your hands up when your using them constantly.