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  1. ghostpatch

    Toxcore development boost on Indiegogo

    the crowdfunding campaign is to raise enough money for one month of fulltime development to get some stuff done. to make it short, Tox is an open source, peer to peer alternative to Skype. It has a stong focus on privacy and encryption and features group chats, voice and videochats and even...
  2. ghostpatch

    Matchstick - open source streaming stick (KS)

    The Matchstick is an open hardware/open source TV steaming stick like the Chromecast, just better. Its run by Firefox OS. The schematics are already available and the price is pretty low! I think it would make a great addition for the Pyra, beeing able to easily stream content to whatever's got...
  3. ghostpatch

    AXIOM Beta - open source cinema camera on Indiegogo

    Thats probably something ED would love, since he's into that stuff. I took the 350€ option ; ) It hurts quite a bit, but at the same time I feel pleasure from beeing able to point my middlefinger at those big shot proprietary companys  : p check it out! Just don't complain about the price and...
  4. ghostpatch

    Project Novena (open source laptop)

    Just stumbled across this article: A few awesome people are building an open source/open hardware laptop. Meaning there's hardware documentation, no binary blobs etc. - all the good stuff. Its using a Freescale i.MX6 Quad SoC. They...
  5. ghostpatch

    apngasm (Animated PNGs) FOSS

    Kickstarter campaign which aims at providing a good FOSS tool to create APNGs (like .gifs, just better)! its totally cool,  ; ) so check out those demos:
  6. ghostpatch

    how to start making a xfce theme?

    I'm looking into making a custom xfce theme but I'm unable to find any proper tutorials/documentation. "Xfwm4 theme how-to" appears to be more like an addition. Are there any tutorials or documentations? I suppose I need to learn my way around GTK first...
  7. ghostpatch

    video footage captured through Google Glass

    "All video footage captured through Glass." It feels almost unreal, like your watching a science fiction movie - amazing!!  o.O
  8. ghostpatch

    Apple report

    A good report about Apple. Unfortunately its only in German. I was shocked how cheap it is to produce an iPhone. - 679 € iPhone5 (cheapest version) for reference - 152 € material costs -    6...
  9. ghostpatch

    Radio the Universe This deserted cyberpunk necropolis, the game takes place in reminds me of one of my favourite mangas - BLAME!  Although the colourful character and the weird monitors make it more cheerful xD It has a mysterious, "scary"...
  10. ghostpatch

    Picade: The arcade cabinet kit for your Raspberry Pi

    http://www.kickstart...our-raspberry-p nice project but since emulators depend on CPU power I wonder about the performance (ok, your not bound to use a Raspberry Pi). The price is good though and you'll have a lot of fun putting it together and painting it ; ) Edit: Could be a cool edition...
  11. ghostpatch

    Gaming on VMs?

    I want to switch to Linux on my main computer for year now. The only thing keeping me from doing that is gaming. So my question is, does anyone know, what I could expect from a light linux system that runs win7 through VirtualBox for gaming? I use several VMs but I never tried gaming. I'm sure...
  12. ghostpatch

    c't writes article about Pandora

    For your information the article covers a whole page and c't is a German higher class computer magazine. Therefore a lot of lets call them “computer people“ will read it. When I read this article I was like what? seriously.... xD The author didn't mention the awesome emulators and home brew...
  13. ghostpatch

    PSX emulation on a Nook ebook reader with e-ink display

    Being a fan of e-ink technology (and e-book readers), I was amazed when I saw Wipeout running so well on an e-ink screen! Ok its not full speed but its better then expected. I hope the refresh rates will be improved in future generations of e-ink screens...
  14. ghostpatch

    Declaration of Internet Freedom

    yeY we have our Declaration of Internet Freedom now. ; ) I fully agree with the principles and signed it yesterday. Its meant as an antipole against censoring laws like SOPA or ACTA. Declaration We stand for a free and open Internet. We support transparent and participatory processes for...
  15. ghostpatch

    The grand day is nearing (2011-12-12)

    Quelle: Donnerstag geht es also los (Daumen drücken, positiv denken), die ersten Prototypen made in Germany - verdammt ist das cool ; )
  16. ghostpatch

    Doom endlich nicht mehr indiziert und ab 16!

    Hi Leute, gerade bin ich auf einen wunderbaren Artikel gestoßen. Doom1 und 2 wurden erneut von der USK geprüft und in Folge dessen mit der Alterskennzeichnung 16 versehen. Außer bei der englischen Version von Doom2 (wegen Nazi Inhalten – was meiner Meinung nach Schwachsinn ist – habe auch...
  17. ghostpatch

    SDXC Card Unterstützung möglich?

    Hi, ich wollte Fragen, ob es Software-teschnisch möglich wäre, dass die Pandora irgendwann einmal SDXC Karten unterstützt, oder schiebt die Handware dem ein Riegel vor? Allgemein wird Behauptet, dass die neuen Karten nicht mit alten SDHC Geräten kompatibel sind. Es wird ein neuen Dateisystem...