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    GP2X Logic Level Of The Gp2x Ext. Port

    I think the topic says it all. :) I need to know which logic level the extended port (rs232) of the GP2x has. PSP has 2.5V, µC 5V for example. Thanks a lot for your efforts!
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    Gp32 In German Documentary Series "we Are Family!"

    Sorry if someone found this out before. I haven't been in the forums for a few months now. Anyway, I just zapped around and saw that the German documentary series "We are Family! So lebt Deutschland" ("Germany lives like that") on the mainstream channel ProSieben, and it has a short shot of a...
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    Dcs Needs Your Help

    Dreamcast-Scene is a free encyclopedia for everything about the Dreamcast. Everyone can submit and edit articles on DCS. If you're speaking French, Korean, Spanish or other languages, you can join the editors and translate and submit brandnew articles if you like. French...
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    Bcnparty'100 (demoscene Party) Features Gp32 Compo

    I just returned from the Buenzli ( demoscene party from Switzerland and guess what I've seen in the second invtro for the bcnparty'100 in Spain this year: "GP32 game programming compo" hardware modding, extra compos, and other neat stuff. Get the demo which contains the...
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    Vidgames Zockertreffen 4

    As I annouced a while ago in another topic, there will be an alternative // retro // rarities exhibition called "Vidgames Zockertreffen 4" in Ebersberg near Munich / Germany, upcoming weekend (13th to 15th August 2004). It's more a meeting with party character then a stiff normal convention...
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    Media Which Doesn't Report About The Gp32

    Dudes, I opened this topic to list all internation media which won't report about the GP32 after all. Means about the European launch... the GP32 BLU... the pricedrop of Lik-Sang... or any other information about the GP32 because they have prejudges like "it's not interesting for gamer" or...
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    Limited Super Red Playstation 2

    Selling a brand new super red, limited PlayStation 2 (PAL) which is currently not available in Europe anymore! Incl. game.
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    GP32 Open Source Demos - Gp32 Ports Possible?

    Nope, I'm not begging you for porting those demos, but I found a really nice website which does have several great open source demos for download. Some of them could be easily ported to the GP32... so if you're looking for the challenge or just want to improve your coding skills, go and get...
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    Looking For The Real Gp Viewer 1.1

    Neither the download on GP32x nor GP32spain contains the version 1.1 with subdirctory support. Both download are version 1.0... I wonder where to get the version 1.1 and why they declared the old stuff as version 1.1? P.S.: Isn't there also an image viewer out there which can handle PNG?
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    GP32 How To Develop On A Linux Machine?

    I switched to SuSE Linux and as a Linux and GP32 programming newbie I am wondering how to start the development on Linux... what do I need, where to get it, do I have to compile it on the Konsole?
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    GP32 Mr.mirko's Sdk For Windows - Some Errors Found?

    I'm a newbie at GP32 development, and I don't want to bother too much, just some points I've found in the readme which doesnt work like it should. Why should I use the "c:\devkitadv\bin" path if the real path is "C:\gp32_MrMirko"? Errr... when I run the extractSDK.bat it doenst work, the...
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    Gpscummvm Problem

    Yes that's right, you can not finish Monkey Island 1 with the current version of gpScummVM, ScummVM GP32 or whatever it's called. At least I think you can't. Background: You have to break the iron bars in the jail on Meleê Island to let the guy escape with the mug full of grog. You have to move...
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    Gp32 Scene - Past / Present / Future

    Hey boys and girls, maybe you have noticed that I work at Dreamcast-Scene, the guys who are bringing the GP32 / DC link cable out. In 4 week we will finish the work on our "Dreamcast Demo Disc #01". More information about this disc here (including a FAQ which will answer all your questions)...
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    Yet Another Smc Problem

    Dudes, I have probs with my SMC. I haven't played with my GP32 for about a week and I wanted to play again a few days ago. I noticed that two of my four entries at the Korean BIOS (Super Plusha, Pinball Dreams, GPCinema and Free Launcher) are transparent and don't have an icon anymore. Few...
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    Order of the icons?

    How can I change the order of the icons in the FreeLauncher / EU BIOS?
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    I never payed attention to this port but yesterday I wanted to figure it out. I installed the FXE file in the GPMM file and filled a QUAKE folder with my Quake PC version, means the PAKs. It loads the menu and all stuff but after I selected the single player it freezes. Then I leeched one...
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    Open Source games / applications

    I'm looking for the source codes of freeware games / applications for the GP32, which stuff is open source and where to download it?
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    GP-R Engine

    Where can I download this? I haven't found a download source at all.
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    GP32 Developing Tools

    What developing tools / applications do I need to program on the GP32? Let's say, I've installed C++ on Win32 here and I have a registered GP32 with FreeLauncher on my desk, what to do now? What do I have to install to have a complete programming environment? Where can I get tutorials? Where are...
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    Super Plusha is annoying me

    I managed to buy the full version at JoyGP but I'm very frustrated about the second level. There's a keyhole on a platform which does have peaks and I can't jump over it because Plusha is going to hit the above platform and so he (she?) runs into the peaks and dies. How can I manage that? It's...