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    Pandora Sdk

    Sorry, I should have checked out the developer section.
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    Pandora Sdk

    I did a search for SDK and it didn't return any results. I was wondering if there were plans for a Pandora SDK like they had for the GP2X.
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    Merry Christmas -- Warcraft 2 Dos On Pandora!

    That is amazing!!!
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    Openpandora Blog Update

    I hope we see the GUI soon.
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    Losing It

    I like the tape it to your phone idea.
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    Congratulations To Craig And The Crew

    I just wanted to express my congratulations and thanks to the Pandora team for putting together such an amazing product.
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    Halo Wars

    Yes, It was going to be one of the first 3D RTS games and they were doing some third person stuff to make sure the characters looked they way they wanted and moved the way they wanted and found that playing around with one of the characters in third person was fun so they changed the game. I am...
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    Total Sales?

    I bet Craig will come out with official numbers once the paypal issues get worked out.
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    Psx4pandora Save File Question

    I believe the play station emulator they are working with is the same as the one for the GP2X only recompiled. You might be able to get your answer by looking at the GP2X version.
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    Wiz & Bluetooth

    You will have to find blue tooth drivers and compile them for the wiz or you can hope that they added some kind of blue tooth drivers for USB blue tooth devices.
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    Iphone OS on Pandora

    Can we stick to talking about running Linux on the Pandora rather then talking about porting OSs that don't need to be ported. Maybe emulated but not ported.
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    Halo Wars

    Actually Halo was originally an RTS. It is now going back to what it was designed to be.
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    Halo Wars

    Is anybody planning on getting Halo wars???
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    Free as in Freedom

    I am sure the Pandora will be able to support the free formats. It would not make sense otherwise. p&|a
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    Sales Who to contact to correct shipping information?

    I just e-mailed the address on the site i ordered from. They did not give me any trouble at all.
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    Hopefully dumb question about defective units.

    The key word there is should. As far as how thoroughly they will be tested, that is a question for the devs. The devs don't want problems just as much as we don't want problems. They will do everything they can to make sure there are no DOAs.
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    Hopefully dumb question about defective units.

    I the units will be tested before they are shipped. You should not have a problem with a DOA Pandora.
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    List of PSX games you plan/hope to play

    1. FF7 2. Mega Man X 4 3. FF8 4. FF9 5. Metal Gear Solid 6. Chrono Cross
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    OSX on Pandora

    It is a violation of the terms of use to use OSX on none apple hardware. While we are talking about operating system that are not supposed to be on the Pandora lets talk about running Solaris10 on the Pandora or maybe Windows Server 2008.
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    Os Developers Fund

    The Pandora is about the community wanting a device that can do what the community wants it to do. The goal of this (at least the software side) is not to make money but to make the software on the device good because the community wants it to be good. Sadly the world revolves around money so...