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    Found my GP2x including the Payback Game, is it still worth anything?

    I'm not sure if this is the right subforum so feel free to move my post to whereever... I have a (first generation I think) Gp2x in a Nintendo Carrying Case, I have Payback, a game that was released for the GP2x and I won during some competition. The GP2x has the modified nub that has GP2x...
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    What is the minimum Hardware "Configuration" for the Pandora to still work?

    Background to my question: I'm thinking of using the Pandora as a musicplayer connected to a stereo amp. For that I wouldn't need a screen, nubs, keyboard or any other of the stuff. The thing is, that the Pandora in its full glory is too expensive to just be used/abused as a musicplayer so I was...
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    Bluetooth And Gps

    Put an SD Adapter around it, make some drivers and there you go, Bluetooth and GPS for the 2x
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    Boomshine2x Gameplay Video

    I just captured a gameplay video for my Boomshine remake and put it on Youtube for your utter enjoyment ;) The game itself is almost ready to be released in full and you can already download a 3 level demo here!
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    Need Titlescreen, Music And Sound Effects!

    I'll do this tonight for the GP2x:;gopid=521791 as I think it is a really neat game and easy to implement. I think I'll call it "Abstracto". (other/better suggestions welcome) Anyone want to contribute a titlescreen or music or soundeffects? Check...
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    Pipes 2.1

    I updated Pipes again. The speed is now back to normal even with big ass fieldsizes, instructions are included and I turned off the AA for skins. Download is here:
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    GP2X Filled Circle In Sdl?

    As it seems there's no way to draw a circle (filled or not) with standard SDL. Which lib should I use to draw circles and where do I get a procompiled (windows) version of it and not just sources like e.g. SDL_gfx?
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    GP2X Intellisense Not Working

    So, last night I managed to compile my first c Program using Visual C++ Express Edition. What a mess,, the thing I miss most is Intellisense for SDL, it just tells me that the "Expression has a type that cannot be resolved". Anyone know how to fix that?
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    Pipes 2.0 And It's Free

    Well, thx to a guy named Evil Dragon it seems I'll get my DPad although donations have been quite weak (a little over 10 Euos so far). Now, this is very good and everything BUT I also received my first postcard with a beer label last week and those two things together convinced me to release...
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    Wer ne billige PS3 kauft...

    schaut auf ebay, da gehen die Dinger um 50 Euro unter Neupreis weg *g*
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    Pipes Homepage Goes Online

    Finally I managed to complete the homepage of Pipes for the GP2x! Not only can you learn about Pipes and how to get it, check out some screenshots, download a lot of skins, submit your Highscores or just check how other people are doing. I want to say Thanks! to all the people who contributed...
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    Need Betatester Urgently

    We'd like to give our pdroms competition entry a short betatest so if you are up to giving feedback TODAY at latest tomorrow before noon, please contact me!
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    DRINGEND Beta Tester gesucht!

    Wir würden gern unseren pdroms Competition Beitrag noch HEUTE Betatesten lassen, Rückmeldung spätestens morgen Mittag. Ich weiß, ist kurzfristig aber vielleicht freuts jemanden...
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    Pipes Is Ready

    Boys and girls, Pipes is ready to be unleashed on the world. Download here... BUT because of frustrating experiences with Homebrewdevelopment in general this one is going to be different. I know that my programs don't suck, they are not the best of the best but they can be entertaining for at...
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    Pipes DEMO

    So Leute, es ist soweit, Pipes ist reif für die Veröffentlichung. Diesesmal werde ich allerdings einen anderen Weg gehen. Meine Homepagestatistiken sagen mir, dass meine Programme gut bis sehr gut ankommen, leider spiegelt sich das in keinster Weise wider. Meine Programme sind alle als...
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    Hat jemand von euch die Zeitschrift NEON?

    Falls ja, auch eine der letzten Ausgaben, in der über ein Spiel namens Streetwars berichtet wurde? Falls ja bitt hier melden.
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    Pipes is your well known game of turning individual tiles until all the pipes are connected. I have this game on my cellphone and it is an very addictive little timewaster, so I wanted to have it on my Gp2x, too. Unfortunatly my spare time is limited, so this is WIP but I'm getting towards a...
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    Development in Progress: Pipes

    Pipes funktioniert nach dem bekannten Prinzip, dass man alle Röhren auf einem Spielfeld miteinander verbinden muss. Ich hab das Spiel am Handy und es ist ein absoluter Timewaster und ideal für ein Spiel zwischendurch. Deshalb lag es nahe, das Spiel auch für den GP2x umzusetzen. Leider hab ich in...
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    Game Contest Community Favorite Poll

    Weils sich irgendwie nicht in die News verirrt post ichs mal hier rein, hin, abstimmen!
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    Grafiker (und Ideen) für PDRoms Competition gesucht

    Ich kann programmieren. Ich bin kein Grafiker. Ergo dessen würde es Sinn machen, die Kräfte zu kombinieren um die Competition zu gewinnen ;) Interessenten kontaktieren mich hier im Forum oder per PM.