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  1. hailrazer

    Game Lots on Ebay

    Clearing out some of my older stuff.   54 PS2/PS1 Games 29 Nes Games 102 Genesis/Master System/32x Games 29 Sega Saturn /Sega Cd Games 50 Snes Games 21 N64 Games
  2. hailrazer

    For Sale: DSi

    I'm thinning the handheld herd. Time to buy some new toys so these have to go. 1. Original iControlPad .   In excellent condition with the bumpers and the metal bracket. Also comes with USB cord.  SOLD 2. Iben L1 Like New. In original...
  3. hailrazer

    The CrossPlane - A Handheld Wireless Video Controller

    I wanted to share with everyone a project that I have been working on with a fellow modding associate of mine.  It's the CrossPlane : "The Cross Plane" is the worlds first multi-platform WVI (Wireless Video Interface) gaming controller that brings a new angle into the way we play modern video...
  4. hailrazer

    Hailrazer's - Archos GamePad Larger Battery Mod

    Yep, it's official.  The Gamepad has a lousy battery.     All reviewers say they are getting around 2-3 hours gameplay or movie watching.   It's rated at 3000mAh , but I'm guessing it really is around 2000mAh.   So.................................... Let's put a bigger one in there ...
  5. hailrazer

    Hailrazer's --- Archos Gamepad D-pad Mod

    Well I got my Archos Gamepad in the mail. I updated the firmware and then rooted it.  Installed some Emulators and started playing. I LOVE IT !!! But ............ Yup that d-pad....... Not so good :( So I took out those 4 buttons and put in an Nes D-pad   :) The one thing I didn't like...
  6. hailrazer

    Trading Section Rules

    WARNING: OpenPandora LTD, EvilDragon, Craigix and the Open Pandora Forum Staff are NOT liable for any misleading / false transactions. Any trading mishaps are to be reported to the police and we would be happy to co-operate and provide information of the seller if requested. Trading Section...
  7. hailrazer

    SOLD !!! First Batch 256mb Pandora

    SOLD I have an Original 256mb Edition Open Pandora Handheld. It is in excellent condition with just a slight flaw on the back by the usb port. Couldn't capture it in a pic. It's like new and works perfectly. Bought from a member here and just didn't use it like I thought I would. Comes...
  8. hailrazer

    N64oid on Pandora with Android

    So has anyone tried to run N64oid on their Android Os Pandora? Just wondering if/how well it runs. *dang thought I posted this in the Android Forum..... Mod's do your magic moving thing please :)
  9. hailrazer

    SOLD : Pandora For Sale / 16gb Sd / Gp32 Case : SOLD

    SOLD I am going to let my Pandora go. It's one of the Premium 7 day Pandora's. Basically Brand New. Used three or four times to test N64 games for the Muppen thread. Everything works perfectly with no flaws. Overclocks to over 1.1ghz. I will include a 16gb Sd card and a Gp32x Case that...
  10. hailrazer

    My GP2X Wiz for sale

    I have my Wiz for sale on Ebay. It's in perfect shape. I just don't use it now since I have a Pandora. Comes with a 4gb Sd card. Will ship International.
  11. hailrazer

    Release Mupen64Plus new version runs Zelda OOT and much more !!

    Just an FYI that bzfrank on the GP32 boards made a great bug find that has fixed the problem with a lot of games crashing. Zelda - Ocarina Of Time and Paper Mario are now working as are a lot more ! Here is the latest pnd,0,0,0,71,345...