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    Help Intalling Gpcone.zpk

    bought from joygp downloaded tryed to intall the zpk file says smc error treid intalling other apps ok tried in pclink and original firmware?? help what the fork am i doing wrong???
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    how do you get past the copy lame protection on monkey 1&2 what buttons do i press cheers in advance smythe
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    Kof91 Backgrounds For Download Here

    made a few background for use with kof91 (only put them together)for myself and decided to share with u guys ! some will probally be shite but the mslug x bground seems ok to play lmk how they work if used smythe will be updating by day
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    what im i doing wrong??? thought id spuce it up with a new background and icons ect save it!! re boot back to start nothing has saved cheers in advance for any help smythe
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    Secret Of Monkey Island Problems

    im using sega cd files (monkey.000 monkey.001) in scummvm all works perfectly apart from when talking to someone i cannot chose what to say only the top answer/question is highlighted and none of the gp32 controlls chage this so i allways have to select the top this a common problem...