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  1. A600

    Gp2Xpectrum 1.7.2

    Binary Sourcecode
  2. A600

    Picodrive 1.35

    Binary Sourcecode
  3. A600

    Dual Boot Installer Released

    Booboo has released the dual boot. More details here I've been porting some emus the past weeks so stay tuned ;)
  4. A600


    REminiscence32 Source code
  5. A600


    CloneKeen32 Sourcecode
  6. A600


    OpenJazz32 Sourcecode Chronos Module Converter
  7. A600

    Heart Of The Alien Redux Gp32

    Heart of the Alien Redux GP32 You need to extract the data iso from your original SEGA CD: Download CDDissect from insert the HOTA CD on your CD-ROM drive and type cddissect.exe hota -data the file hota01.iso will be created, rename it to hota.iso...
  8. A600


    And here is Hexen32. The readme: Hexen32 ported by A600 using chui's SDL libraries Copy all files and folders included in the zip to /gpmm/ (use hexen+.fxe if you have a BLU+) Free wads for Hexen can be downloaded here: Wads must be...
  9. A600


    Well, after two months of hard work I'm almost ready to release the 4 shooters I've been working on. They are Heretic32, Hexen32, Doom32 (Doom port with boom engine, dehacked files support...) and Strife32. Sadly I've problems with the savegames of Doom32 and Strife32 and won't release them...
  10. A600

    Dodgin' Diamond Ii

    Dodgin' Diamond II GP32 ported by A600 using chui's SDL libraries [A] to select an option and fire [SELECT] pause [RIGHT SHOULDER] Escape Don't forget to quit the game with the exit option, otherwise the hi-score won't be saved. BLU+ fxe included Get it here Sourcecode Expect more SDL...
  11. A600

    Interlogic Gp32

    I ported Interlogic thanks to the awesome chui's SDL libraries. It's a puzzle game with 30 levels. Updated! Version 1.1: - Added music. Use [SELECT] to stop/play music. - You can use the music you want. Just replace the file interlog\game.mod with the mod you want. - Much faster save/load...
  12. A600

    GP32 Help Compiling Ljohngp

    I have tried to compile ljohnGP with devkitadv and devkitarm but I have the same problem with assembler code. For example: __asm {nop}; gives the error: parse error before '{' token if I change it to __asm ("nop"); it compiles fine but there is a lot of assembler code and it would be a pain...
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    Gpunzip V1.0

    GpUnzip is a small utility that allows you to unpack .zip files using your GP32. Download it here The sourcecode is also available.
  14. A600

    Gpunzip V1.0

    GpUnzip is a small utility that allows you to unpack .zip files using your GP32. Download it here The sourcecode is also available.
  15. A600

    Unrar Lib Ported To The Gp32 & Gmod Released

    It can be downloaded here source: gp32spain [Mod - Title updated so I don't have to worry about merging ;) ]
  16. A600

    GP32 Bloodshed Dev-C++ IDE

    I want to use Bloodshed Dev-C++ IDE with devkitadvance or minigp32 but I dunno how configure it. Any ideas?
  17. A600

    Speccyal'K - New Spectrum 48/128 emulator

    Downloads and info here
  18. A600

    New InfoNES GP32 v0.3LQ

    You can download it here From the readme:
  19. A600

    PocketNes Port?

    How hard would be to port this great NES emu to the GP32? Source code is available here