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    Vga Or Dvi Out?

    Will the pandora be able to connect to an external monitor other than a television? The pandora is open source, so i imagine there will be quite a bit more than gaming to do on it, as is the case with the gp2x, and it could be a really compact, low-wattage computer for everyday things like web...
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    Links2x Supports F200's Somehow?

    Hey everyone! So, I was looking around for apps to use with my cradle, and I noticed links was ported. So i downloaded links2x from the archives (said it was from 2006), loaded it up and got my nintendo wifi adapter started up. I was able to browse the web with my usb keyboard, but also, I was...
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    Cradle With Usb Ethernet

    So, I just got my cradle in the mail a few days ago, and I am very satisfied with it, everything I've tried with it has worked well. The radio shack Playstation to Usb controller converter works well and gets detected on everything i've tried it with, as well as the logitech usb controller i...
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    Scumm Setup And Install

    I have downloaded and installed the new f200 version of scummvm, but whenever I run the gpe, my gp2x restarts. Is there something I am doing wrong here? I have read through all of the readme files, but they don't seem to give an overview of how games should be installed, and I am not sure if...
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    Rubygame And Stylus

    So I've been having some fun with Rubygame, and was wondering if anyone else has worked with it enough to know if the mouse movement events are done in sdl, and in turn support the stylus? Been doing some tests, but it doesn't seem to work, (not that I would expect too much as it hasn't been...
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    Ruby For Gp32 Or Gp2x?

    I could be absolutely wrong about this, i've been out of the scene for a while, but i vaguely recall someone mentioning the idea of porting the ruby language to the gp32. Has this been worked on at all? I could just be totally wrong, but i really thought it was discussed a while back.
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    GP32 Fenix Dll's?

    Just wondering if the fenix dll's are included in the gp32 port of fenix, or if there is a way to use them with the gp32 port? thanks :)
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    When is the server gonna be back up? If the server got moved, could someone give me a link? It would be really helpful, thanks. :)
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    Running In Smashgp

    Hey, i searched for the answer for this, and did not find it in the readme, so i hope i'm safe from a good flaming. I noticed that in smashgp the character you fight against can run, but you can reall only walk, unless i am missing something, what is the button to run faster? If it doesn't...
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    Drmd Sound...whaaa

    I'm not sure if i have some weird setting on my version of, but when i compare the sound to fgen, it's just plain shitty. Does anybody else have this same problem? Or is this to be expected? ( i thought had an asm sound core that was supposed to blow fgen out of the water, or maybe...
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    Pituka Chatboard Support?

    Hey, i was just wondering if pituka had any chatboard support, i looked through the readme and there was no mention of it, only a virtual keyboard, if it is not yet supported, i would suggest adding it to the todo list.
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    Fenix Link?

    Hey, i was wondering if anybody had a copy of the link to the fenix runtime environment that was ported by chui? All of the links i have found are all dead, and would like to get a copy of it, thanks.
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    Slubman's Firmware

    Hey, i just loaded up slubman's firmware, and restarted my gp32 and it began loading up a version gp32linux i've been working with, i can hit B and go to the launcher when i start up my gp, but how do i change it so it doesn't automatically start a program at startup? thanks.
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    What You Need Help With?

    Hey ingeras, i just wanted a little list of the things you most need help with on this linux project, i have experience with linux, and different programming languages (perl, c++), but i'm not quit sure how, or what you need to be contributed. I've got alot of free time and would like to start...
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    Ssh On Gplinux

    I have heard of someone setting up a web browser using a usb dongle, and gp32linux, being as gp32 linux does not currently come with a browser and ethernet support, i was wondering if the kernel came installed with an ssh client? this would be a sort of psuedo way of browsing the net on the gp...
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    Lost Usb Cable

    ok, i posted this problem before, but didn't really get a clear answer, so i think i will re-word it for you guys. I lost my usb cable, and my smart media card needs to be formatted. Is there anyway you can get the pc-link program to format my smart media card that is connected with my smc...
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    Lost Cable, And Need Format

    Ok, well, i've been away from the gp32 scene for a while, and just decided to hop back in. During this down time, my smart media card has been re-formatted, deleted, and changed about in every way. I have lost all the original software on it, but i have also lost the connection cable. I have a...
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    Quake On Gp

    I was searching for quake on emule the other day, when amazingly i ran into a gp32 version, i ran it and it booted into the quake loading screen, and just froze. Has anybody tried it, and does anybody know if it's default clock is set to 166? thanks.
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    Gpcinema Problems

    ok, so i got my gp32 registered, and got gpcinema, and loaded on the demo movie, but when i try to play it, the gp32 just restarts.... anybody run into the same problem? thanks!
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    Joygp, And Link Cable

    I just ordered some joygp mileage from lik-sang so i could buy gpcinema, but i also assumed that i would need to do the PDS registration thing to actually download the program when i get the mileage added on to my account. So i decided to hook up my pc-link (i have been using a card reader) and...