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    Help! With Virtual Dub

    whenever i convert my movie with the gp32emu guide ( it is out of sync.and whenevr i try and do it my own way the file size is too large!. can anyone give me the best optiosn for converteing a 700mb movie and make the sound IN sync?
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    Crappy Non Flu

    shut the fucking hell up you wanking arsehole pussy dickface.
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    Crappy Non Flu

    i ann bluddy smash it its soo crap
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    Crappy Non Flu

    its soo shite man.....
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    Crappy Non Flu

    gp32 non flu isnt worth buying its crap
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    Crappy Non Flu

    id just like to say non flu is crap.u cant see the screen in a car
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    Could You Please

    if that is a real ps2 emu ill be surprised or u just playin a not funny joke? gp32 is wayyyyy tooo slow to even emulate the ps1 so ps2 emu my arse!!! the handheld sony ps2 is coming out soon soo....
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    Cheap Gp32 Flu

    ok. how shall we swap
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    Cheap Gp32 Flu

    Is anyone willing to sell just a gp32 flu for under 100-90 pounds? or willing to swap for a non flu? thanx.
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    Wanted Anything Gp32 In The Uk

    wow cheap
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    GP32 Gp32dev Irc Channel

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    Gp32 In Action

    ok ill make 1 but my gp32 is non flu so it will be hard.
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    GP32 Gp32dev Irc Channel

    what is it? i ned the description and the irc channel and if there is 1. the password.
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    Cleaning The Screen

    i use my glasses cloth its the best
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    Her Khingts Demo Its Out

    blippped told me by messenger and i said id post it i swear im not blipped ill even send u a pic of me.
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    Her Khingts Demo Its Out

    OMg OMG its out!her knights
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    thats wimen for ya :P
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    GP32 C++

    no.blipped is helpful to me.and hes ma friend. i can bluddy bet ya 100000000 punds were not the same person.
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    Can Someone...

    ive tryed that method and it doesent work
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    The Best Avatar

    i vote for this go agent smith!