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  1. ElPoco

    No more Pandora replacement cases ?

    Hi, My Pandora has had a few problems over its life, leaving it with a cracked case, a broken shoulder button and a not-working nub. Today it started with a purple tint (though it has since then disappeared). I guess the LCD cable is starting to have troubles as well. So I decided that it was...
  2. ElPoco

    My Module for Shadowrun Returns

    Hi all, I've finally released the module for Shadowrun Returns (Dragonfall - Director's Cut) that I started... a very long time ago. It's completed, though probably a bit buggy and far from optimal in some aspects, but you should be able to play it from start to finish with a wide range of...
  3. ElPoco

    HD Mode 7 on SNES

    Someone released a mod of bsnes that "improve" the quality of the mode 7 transformations of the SNES and give them a crisper display. The results are quite impressive
  4. ElPoco

    GPD Win 1 replacement battery order for France

    Hello everyone, I need to replace the battery of my GPD Win. DragonBox is out of stock and the few others shops that have it charge a very high price. I've contacted GPD directly, and they told me they can send me a battery for $60. This is $25 for the battery and $35 for the shipping. So if...
  5. ElPoco

    Back to the Pandora!

    I've recently noticed a slight bump at the back of my GPD Win and I suspect the battery has started to swell. So until I can check, and probably get a new battery and extended back case, I've dusted off (figuratively, it was stored safely) my trusty Pandora. It's still working like a charm...
  6. ElPoco

    Hardware Pandora TV-out cable broken :(

    I got my Pandora TV-out cable together with my Pandora in early 2014. I've only started using it recently, and after a few uses the plug that plugs into the Pandora broke. I tried fixing it with duct tape but then I was only able to get both sound and image when I manually held the plug in...
  7. ElPoco

    Fallout 1 (and probably 2 and 1.5) on the Pandora

    Hi all, A few months ago, ptitSeb released a Fallout 1 pnd that used dosbox. While playable, it wasn't very smooth and I couldn't imagine playing the whole game this way. Recently, Exagear released an update that was supposed to improve game performance. I had only quickly tried Fallout 1 with...
  8. ElPoco

    [In development] Covert World

    I have recently started working on a video game project that has been running in my head for many many years. The concept It's not actually a video game in itself but more a concept, and possibly an engine. Not an engine for display/audio/input, but an engine for world and story. It all...
  9. ElPoco

    Need help to save cats near Paris

    Hi all, I'm in a quite difficult situation. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I've ended up with far too many cats in my apartment. Together with my girlfriend we've been actively trying to find people to adopt them, but my neighbors complained to the town hall about the smell that this...
  10. ElPoco

    Mods/Maps/TC for Pandora games

    Hi all, One of the things I like about the Pandora is that it gives me a way to play all these games I didn't have the opportunity to play back when they were released. I've recently realized that besides the games, they were also their mods/map packs and total conversions. Problem is, while I...
  11. ElPoco

    What games do you want to play on Pandora/Pyra

    We already have a topic for what we've finished and what we're currently playing, but what about the games you'd like to play or have planned to play? The idea is not only to list them, but also to give advice to others, such as the use of some mods/patches/engines or ways to better enjoy the...
  12. ElPoco

    Games with outstanding stories

    Following the discussion about the Final Fantasies, I'd like to know which games you think have literally outstanding stories (stories that stand out of the usual video game stories), and why. It can be either the story in itself, the way it's told or delivered or the themes that it develops...
  13. ElPoco

    Pandora stops loading near the end of the progress bar

    Hi all, This morning when I tried to start my Pandora (1Ghz running latest firmware), it stayed stuck near the end of the progress bar. I was able to restart it in CLI mode. It was working correctly yesterday, the only system thing I recall changing was running OMAPFB fix to check the virtual...
  14. ElPoco

    Dos games in the browser

    The Internet Archive has done it again. After arcade games, it's now Dos games that can be played inside your browser from their website.
  15. ElPoco

    Meaningful games

    Hi all, The thread about the Pathologic remake made me think about something I've been thinking about from time to time: the fact that there have been very few video games that really felt meaningful to me. There are many entertaining games, many games that I'll remember for a long time, but...
  16. ElPoco

    tIDE: Code in Java on your Panda!

    Hi all, I've recently decided to start working on one of my personal dev project on my Pandora.  Since I'm more used to Java, and I had already started some work in Java, I decided to continue in Java. Code:Blocks doesn't support Java, and while Geanny is pretty good, it's not as powerful as...
  17. ElPoco

    Winulator: Another potential way to run win games on Pandora

    I haven't found anything about it here, so I decided to post this. So someone has started to work on some kind of Windows application emulator for Android. It seems to rely on DirectX and Win32 calls implementation on the device, and JIT or static recompilation from x86 to ARM. I have to...