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    Pandora 1GHz for Sale [USA]

    Hello all. I have two systems, a Rebirth and a 1Ghz. I want to restore a Donkey Kong original arcade so I need funds. Please see my listing here to help a Pandy Brother out! No reserve on this auction so you could walk away with it for 5 Cents. I have this listing up worldwide...
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    The Official mcobit Appreciation Thread!

    Dear Mr. mcobit, You are one awesome dude. Your work to get Donkey Kong II Jumpman Returns to run on the Open Pandora has made me (and I am sure, several others) very happy! Please everyone, if you appreciate mcobit, let him hear it! THANK YOU!
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    You Panda's Never Disappoint Me!

    Hello all. I am loving my Pandy 1Ghz! I may even pick up another one soon just to support the cause! So, I am not complaining by any means. I absolutely love the SNES, SEGA 32X and N64 emulation. However, I am somewhat disappointed with what I have experienced with MAME so far. Please let me...
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    Just got my 1Ghz! And a rom question?

    Hello all. I bought a refurbished classic from a few months ago. I loved it so much that I ordered a brand new 1Ghz and it arrived yesterday. This thing is amazing! Question: has anyone gotten the following rom to work? Donkey Kong II Jumpman Returns: [no links to illegal roms please...