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  1. benoitb

    GP32 FLU needs rewiring (and maybe more)

    Hi ! I bought a GP32 sold as BLU. I just received it and I believe it is a FLU (it has a little switch in the back that looks like a hack job and the unlit screen is somewhat usable outdoors). The GP32 works but the screen won't light itself when I toggle the little switch. The frond LED is...
  2. benoitb

    An ear to hear. Why the h ?

    I was wondering why the verb is "to hear" with an h and the organ is "an ear". If someone knows the explanation or history, I'm interested in learning about it. If there is a good online place where such matters of etymology are explained I would also love to learn about it.
  3. benoitb

    Running closed source indie Linux games on Pyra

    I would be interested in playing games like Hollow Knight, Super Meat Boy or Owlboy on the Pyra. These are 2D indie games that are available on Windows and Linux, I assume precompiled for x86. I think the best way on the Pandora was to use a software called Exagears ? Does someone have this...
  4. benoitb

    Screen reflections vs competition. Anyone owns a Pandora and GPD Win ?

    I think a few people on this forum own both a Pandora (or even Pyra) and a GPD Win. Could you comment on their respective screen's usability with surounding lights (indoor with windows, outdoor, train commute, indoor with neon lights) ? Or even show the difference with photos or a video ?
  5. benoitb

    Playing Persona 3 (non demanding ps2 game) possible ?

    Is there a PS2 emulator that runs on the Pyra devboard ? If so, could someone try Persona 3 ? It is not a very demanding game to emulate compared to most other PS2 games. As it is a turn based RPG, it can support some input lag and frameskipping as well. I don't even know if a PS2 emulator is...
  6. benoitb

    What is a fair price for a gp32 in 2016 ?

    I'd like to get one for Nostalgia purposes, a friend of mine used to own one. I found a store I can get one for these prices: - loose, no light, 40€ - boxed FLU, 80 or 100€, I'm not sure anymore - SMC 128 mb 20€ I was tempted by the loose console. It doesn't come with a USB cable, can I load...
  7. benoitb

    Raw development on Pandora/Pyra

    Hi ! Is anyone developping raws (photos not compressed from your camera's sensor) on the Pandora already ? What do you use ? Is darktable working, not too slow ? I'm currently running my desktop on Windows and very rarely shoot in raw because I don't know how to properly develop and don't want...
  8. benoitb

    Choice of GPU brand for game streaming to the Pyra

    Hi ! I'm planning to build a new computer for gaming this year, probably once the new GPU architectures from AMD and Nvidia are out. I am planning to use that computer either as a console to play on my videoprojector from the couch or as a streaming box to my laptop and Pyra: I won't have a...
  9. benoitb

    My mother wants to gift me something for Xmas. Can I preorder at Xmas ?

    As the title says. My mother wants to offer me a gift for christmas. What I want most is a Pyra. Can I ask Santa for a preorder ? Is something planned at your shop ?
  10. benoitb

    Discussion on repository, packages, etc. (split from Some thoughts thread)

    Honestly, having the Debian ARM library an "apt-get install" away is such a good thing. I fail to understand how this could be a negative thing. Then the Pyra specific ports will probably be only things that erally add value, like CPU/GPU optimization (a mplayer build ? some emulators ?) or...
  11. benoitb

    Analog TV Out through the headphone jack ?

    The Nokia N900, the Galaxy S1 and several other phones from that era have an analog (PAL/NTSC) TV output that uses a cable plugged into the audio jack. I keep my Galaxy S1 for that usage, to me it proves extremely useful in these situations: Multimedia enjoyment in hotels all around the world...