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  1. Imerion

    Railroad Rampage For Caanoo

    I finally finished porting my tower-defence style game Railroad Rampage to the Caanoo. It was a bit hard since I don't own a Caanoo and becuase of that there might still be something that doesn't work as it should. If you find something, please post here and I will try to fix it. It should run...
  2. Imerion

    Railroad Rampage Caanoo Port For Testing!

    I just ported my game Railroad Rampage to the Caanoo using the Caanoo-version of the BennuGD runtime. Since I don't have a Caanoo I can't try if it works. Could someone help me test it? If it works, I can port most of my/our other games quite easily so I'm hoping for the best! :) Download can...
  3. Imerion

    Before We Were Dead 1.1

    Version 1.1 of our entry for the 2nd Gp32Spain Wiz Contest is now done! It contains a bunch of bug-fixes and a few new features. As before, don't forget to read the ReadMe. Before We Were Dead is an intresting take on classic RPG-games, aspiring to be both an aquatic platformer and a...
  4. Imerion

    Before We Were Dead - Compo Version

    Since the 2nd Gp32Spain Wiz Contest is now done, I'll post my entry here for download. The archive containing all the contest games have an old version of this game; the last version sent to the contest was 1.04, which is the one that can be downloaded below. If you want to try the game, please...
  5. Imerion

    Nether Dimensional Runner 1.1

    A new version of Nether Dimensional Runner is complete. Version 1.1 fixes a bunch of bugs that were present in the last version. In Nether Dimensional Runner you are tasked with collecting rare elements only found in the nether dimensions. Jump, warp, shoot and bounce your way through 26...
  6. Imerion


    Since the results from the BennuGD/GPH game programming compo are out I guess it's okay I post my entry, Apocalypso, here. In Apocalypso you play as Dirk Dirtland as he tries to defend a city from a robot invasion. Enemies will attack both from far away as well as from inside the city, so Dirk...
  7. Imerion

    Railroad Rampage 1.2

    Version 1.2 of Railroad Rampage is done! This update is a lot bigger than the last one. Changelog is here : Added five new levels and a new final boss. Some levels have thunderstorms with lightning that strikes turrets. Sombreros now also work as lightning rods. Added a manual in PDF...
  8. Imerion

    Railroad Rampage Version 1.1

    Version 1.1 of Railroad Rampage is here! Changelist is as follows : Lots of balance fixes. Many speed improvements for the Wiz version. Income now changes depending on difficulty-level. Some new and improved graphics here and there. One new upgrade. A pause function. A few smaller bug fixes...
  9. Imerion

    Railroad Rampage Released

    Railroad Rampage is a cross between an arcade game and a strategy game. It is similiar in construction to many "Tower Defence" games, but it has a twist : here, you are part of the action and can affect the game in many different ways more than just building structures. Bandits are trying to rob...
  10. Imerion

    Epic Rocks Wiz Port

    Wiz port of Epic Rocks is done. The Wiz port has much more effects than the older GP2X version and it also has a few other fixes. It can be downloaded from My Page and also soon from the OpenHandhelds file archive. Enjoy!
  11. Imerion

    Smallball In Changeland Wiz Port

    I just finished porting my game Smallball in Changeland to the Wiz. The Wiz port has much more effects than the older GP2X version and it also has a few other fixes. It can be downloaded from My Page and also soon from the OpenHandhelds file archive. Enjoy!
  12. Imerion

    Caanoo / WIZ Need Help With The New Wiz Bennu Port

    I just tried porting one of my games to the Wiz using the new Bennu port, but the game does not seem to work. I probably set something up wrong. Does anyone know how to set it up correctly? I tried to follow the example, but it didn't work... The non-working version can be found here ...
  13. Imerion

    Epic Freefall - Now With Bennu And Other Improvements

    Since there now is a Bennu port for Wiz I decided to port my games to the Wiz using it instead of Fenix. I started with Epic FreeFall to try it out. I believe I have got it all right, but I am not certain. So if someone wants to try this new version and tell me if I did it correct, that would be...
  14. Imerion

    Screenshots From Smallball 2

    I have been working for some time on a successor to my GP2X game, Smallball in Changeland. (Which can be found here if you want to try it : Smallball 1) Now called Smallball 2: In Changeworld, the game has gone from a simple one-screen arcade game to a huge action game full of content. It now...
  15. Imerion

    Epic Freefall Released!

    I just finished another small game made in between some bigger projects : Epic FreeFall. In Epic FreeFall you have to fall down to prevent yourself from getting crushed at the top of the screen. Different obstacles bar your way, so you have to be quick in order to find a safe route down before...
  16. Imerion

    Smallball In Changeland - Wiz Port

    Since the Fenix-runtime works well on the Wiz, I decided to port some of my games to it. For my older games, the GP2X-versions should work fine on the Wiz as well. However, some of my newer games had a few features which I excluded from the GP2X-versions due to lack of speed. But since the Wiz...
  17. Imerion

    Epic Rocks Released!

    Epic Rocks is a classic arcade game where you have to survive in an asteroid field for as long as possible. The game is only about getting the highest score and is designed for quick, fast gameplay. There are six different levels with various hazards like black holes to avoid, four different...
  18. Imerion


    I am currently working on an Asteroids-clone, currently titled "Rocks". The name will probably change though. :) Anyway, the plan is to make it quick and fast, like my previous game Smallball in Changeland. One game round should not take more than a few minutes, so you can pick up and play it...
  19. Imerion

    Smallball In Changeland Version 1.2

    I thought version 1.1 would be the last of this game, since work already has begun on a sequel. But I got a few requests of additional features so here is version 1.2. These are the new things : * The game now tells you when you have beaten your highscore. * More speed increases. Should run...
  20. Imerion

    Smallball In Changeland Version 1.1

    The game SmallBall in Changeland, has received an update with the following new features : * A new scoring system, which makes the game more challenging. You now gain more score when picking up points quicker. The old, points-based system is still there as well. * Increased speed. The game now...