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    For news about this release, check the news board.
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    Park Life

    Written and made in Photoshop, this is my first ever venture into the GP32 scene, and, even now, it doesn't invlove any coding skill. Consisting of just jpgs and Aquafishes United GP Viewer to see them, this is my 'Park life' magazine, fit to be read on a GP32. Muh, you'll prbably all hate it...
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    Best Commodore64 Emulator

    I just bought retro gamer. many, many roms. Oh yey. One problem -what's teh best GP32 emulator for each of these systems, and where can I get them? Amstrad (is there any?) Atari ST (again, is there any?) BBC Micro (once again, I'm not sure there is one) Commodore16 Commodore64 Spectrum Thanks...
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    Shameless Plug

    I've recently redesigned my site, and I was wondering whether you guys could bother casting your eye over it, critcally, of course. the link is, and I thank of yu who look at it. Matthew.
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    Erm... Games?

    Clicky Thanks.
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    Freelauncher - Where From? is down, and I need freelauncher for my GP32. Where could I get it from? Or could I just use YAFL? Anyone?