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    Anyone Downloaded Films From Xbox Live?

    Was just wandering if any of you guys had downloaded any films from xbox live marketplace? was gonna download Transformers in high def to try out my new LCD tv and just wandered if they had all the features like dolby 5.1 and suchlike.
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    Argghh! Super Mario Galaxy And Assassins Creed Released Same Day..

    Only have enough funds for one of these games this weekend so my question to you all is what would you buy? ( I know they are completely different genres but I enjoy all game types and they are both supposedly "must have" titles)
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    Ds Flash Carts

    Hi guys just wanted to get some advice on Flash Carts for the DS as I know that a few of you have used them in the past... What sort of price should I expect to pay? (would probably buy it off E-bay) What sort of Size should I be looking for? (only need to carry 1 or 2 games at the most) Which...
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    Videogame Music

    A selection of tunes played by a drunk bloke from my hometown, you may recognise some of them...clickety click!
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    Call Of Duty 4 Beta Rocks!

    Have been playing the multiplayer beta on 360 since monday and all i can say is wow! Only 3 maps available to play on but boy are they entertaining... Overgrown is basically a village with loads of bombed out houses and loads of tall grass to hide in pretty cool, Crash is a a town with a crashed...
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    Scanning For A New Connection

    Can anyone please tell me how to scan for a new connection with the tenchi browser? After a couple of months of using 2.0 for web browsing and GTA i finally downgraded again for emus/homebrew. have downloaded the tenchi browser and would like to use it at my local hotspots. (i dont have wifi...
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    Neo Geo Cd Reccomendations

    Right, ive finally got this excellent emu working and got the correct romset, now all I need is some ideas on what I should be playing? Been playing loads of Metal Slug and Neo Turf Masters and am looking for something new. Suggestions please :) Thanks
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    Psp Snes9x Help

    OK, ive downloaded snes9x from PSP file Archive and unpacked the RAR but the readme doesent contain any info on where to put the PBP file or what folder to put roms into? Any help appreciated. Thanks Guys. :)
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    Will My V3 Usb Cable Fit The Psp?

    Was about to upload some stuff to my Motorola RAZR V3 when I realised the USB cable supplied with it looks suspiciously like it would fit a PSP, can anyone verify this? With the European launch only a couple of weeks away I dont want to be paying for un-needed accessories. Oh yeah, just an...
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    Sad To Finish It...

    Well i've finally done it, completed Resident Evil 4 on gamecube, thing is i'm kind of upset that I have as it was just a rollercoaster of a ride from start to finish, 30 hours of pure adrenalin rush... This game is the best thing I have played in the last year, period. Trouble is I dont see...
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    Dual Shock Too Twitchy...

    Having played through both super monkey balls on the gamecube I consider myself quite profficient at the game but playing Super Monkey Ball Deluxe on the PS2 recently I have drawn the following conclusions: 1) The Dual Shock 2 seems far too twitchy for my liking making the game a lot harder...
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    Monkey Ball Deluxe Ads

    go here to see them.
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    Oddworld Strangers Wrath

    Anyone else playing/enjoying this fantastic game?
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    Are Any Of Our Members Mad Enough?

    Just wandering if any of our american members are excited enough to queue up and get their DS's at midnight tomorrow? Gotta wait until early next week for mine to arrive :(
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    Gaming, Socially Acceptable?

    First a story... About a month or 2 ago me and a friend went to the local boozer for a couple of pints, whilst in there our attention was drawn to an old man sat in the corner on his own. Clutched tightly in his hands was the latest issue of the Spiderman comic book which he was avidly...
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    Anyone Heard Of These?

    Whilst on my quest to find a UK stockist of the X-Arcade joystick I stumbled upon This company. Anyone heard of/used these before? If so are they reliable? I only ask because I am wary of any company who is unable to take card payments over the phone but is quite willing to let you tap in your...
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    X Arcade

    Does anyone know of a UK importer of these joysticks?
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    Anyone know of a UK stockist of this awesome looking joystick?
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    Just seen that they are doing the Starwars trilogy for £27.99, seem kind of cheap considering its going to retail for£45.00. Just wanted to know if anyone has ordered from these guys in the past? Are they reliable? Cheers guys.
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    G Mame With Sound (sort Of)

    Was just looking through some old GP32 stuff when I came across the original GMame download from the GBAX compo, in the readme file it says you can get crappy sound on timepilot by holding down the select button on your GP32 as the GMAME 2 FXE is loading! (hold down until game screen comes up)...