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    Remote Desktop On Cell Phone

    I am thinking about getting a smart phone with windows mobile 6 on it. I am with AT&T so probably the HTC 8925/tilt/tytnII. I asked in several other forums but no one has even responded. Thought i would give this a try before i give up. I have to use remote desktop connection for work. I...
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    Gp32 Blu+ For Sale

    I dont know how much it is worth so make me an offer. i am in the US. It overclocks to a stable 166mhz as far as i can tell (GP Cinema and the Overclocking Tester.) Before i put it on eBay i thought i would offer it here. It comes with nothing but the GP32. I have a 128mb SMC that i might...
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    Looking For A Good Divx/xvid Pmp

    Im looking for a PMP that can play my divx and xvid files without first converting them. I mostly like to watch ~800mb full length movies and scene released TV shows. I have seen portable DVD players that would do this but have yet to see a hard drive based player. Does anyone know of one...
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    Stand Alone Divx Players

    I am just wondering how good these things could really perform. I mean i had a 1 Ghz p-III that couldn't really play a lot of my higher quality xvid and divx files. It would get all jumpy. So i don't think these could do it either. But if they could i would buy a couple. That would be the...
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    Need Another Cable Outlet In My Apartment

    I want another 2 cable outlets in my new apartment but i dont want to just run cable over the floor. It's on the third floor so i cant run it under the floor because that would be my neighbor's ceiling. Anyone here know how i could fish it through the wall? I contacted my cable company but...
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    Processor Question

    I have been trying to figure this out for a while now. The wiki doesnt really say if there is a difference. I just want to know what the performance difference is. Some sellers on ebay claim that the P-III-M actually performs well above its clock speed. I thought that was about the Pentium M...
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    Wtb Small P3 Laptop

    So my mom just got a brand new tiny laptop. Its got like a 12" screen and weighs less than 4 lbs. Got me to thinking how nice it would be to have a really small computer for myself. I don't think i can afford anything faster than a p3 especially since this is just for screwing around on the...
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    Wtb Broken\parts For Gp32

    I need one very small part to fix my gp32. If anyone has a broken unit i would like to buy it or just the part i need. Either way. The part i need is the metal spring\button presser for the shoulder button. Thanks.
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    Gp32 Replacement Parts

    Anyone here know where to get GP32 parts now? I really just need a shoulder button metal thing. It acts as a spring and a button pusher. Maybe someone parting out a broken gp32??
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    What Programming Language Is This?

    The copy and paste didnt come out too well but i think its intact enough to answer my question. Can someone please tell me what programming language this is? Anyone know of a good website to get help with this sort of stuff? void main() { signed int8 out_data[3]...
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    How Much Should I Expect For This? Like i said there i have no idea how much its worth. So what do you all think is a reasonable offer for it? Ebay has them going for like 30 but with an additional 30-40 for shipping. SHould i expect to get that shipping as part of the sale...
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    I Need Help

    Please look at the diagram on this page about a quarter of the way down.Link So in that diagram i am not sure how to read the diode part. I think it is saying to put the diode in with the line on the diode closest to the DB9 side. i.e. Diode with the line on the left side DB9 Pins...
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    Wtb Computer Components

    I am trying to build my first computer and i need the parts. I dont want to spend a bunch of money on new stuff because chances are i wont be able to actually comnplete this project. So i figured you guys might have some stuff lying about that you would want to get rid of. Motherboards, cpus...
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    Good Deal

    Radioshack has this router for 20 bucks out the door (ie no mail in rebates) This sale is today and tomorrow only, may 28th and 29th. Pretty sweet deal methinks.
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    What Is This Motherboard?!?!??

    I have this motherboard and all the stuff to go with it. But i need to know what it is so i can buy a case. Please dont flame me, i dont know much about this stuff, trying to learn. So I need to know what case to buy to put this in. On a side note, anyone have a case for this that they would...
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    Mame Info

    So what are the minimum pc specs to run the most intensive mame games? What about games like street fighter 2 and MK 2? All these games work great on my p4 3ghz but i am making an emu dedicated PC and i want to spend as little as possible. Also anyone here have first hand experience with...
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    Mini 2nd Monitor

    Well i want to have a 2nd monitor. But i want this monitor to be tiny. I mean like 2.5 inches or less. Basically i want it to display itunes in its mini mode all the time. Get it? That way i will always know what i am listening to without having to switch to itunes. Does anyone know of a...
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    Wtb Xbox

    Doesnt need to be modded or have a big HDD. I really just want to use it as a MCE extender. Someone here has to have one that they dont ever play
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    New Computer Slow Framerate

    I just got a new computer and i thought i would get a cheap game to play since its the first time ive had a computer fast enough to play a newer game in years. So i got Halo. It plays ok, but there is some serious slow down in the frame rate if there is lots of stuff going on. My computer has...
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    Ps2 Modchips

    So i want to put a mod chip in my ps2 but i have a lot of questions about it. Number one, i dont have any real experience soldering so i dont think i can put it in myself. I know there are services you can send your PS2 to but its like the cost of a new PS2 and i am not wanting to spend that...