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    Super Plusha Released!

    Thanks! Have been lurking around here since the GP32 cooled down, lurking pays off :D
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    Ah yes, Cyclone was brilliant. Played it a lot back in the days. Thanks for reminding me about it, better fire up an emulator :D . Wasn't there a similar game from the same company called TLL or something with a Jet instead? Not as much fun as I recall, but looked really nice and had decent...
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    Where To Buy Gp2x In Hong Kong? Mong Kok?

    Lik-Sang used to have a store in Hong Kong, where I bought my GP32. Problem is that the wankers at Sony have forced them to close down buisness. But maybe they have opened up under a new name or something, I am not sure what has happened. Anyone know? If they still are around somehow they would...
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    Crap Games We Love And Cant Put Down.

    But Buggy Boy was brill! At least on the ST :) . But back to the subject, a certain game comes to mind; The Turk on the Spectrum, it was a chess game and it kicked my butt every time I played it. And yet I couldn't stop playing... make's me frustrated just to think of it *grumble* ... Boy am I...
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    Mame Gp32 2.3 Has Been Released!

    Great to see that you keep developing MAME for the GP32 slaanesh, it's greatly appreciated. :D
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    Ah Crash, the nostalgia indeed. I didn't start buying the magazine until towards the end of its life. So I don't have that many issues, but I would never sell them. Good fun to flick through them once in a while and be amazed how different things were back then… or maybe not so different :D
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    Sony Sucks

    ... and lets not forget that its quite hard to find a good CRT for a decent price these days. Since most manufacturers prefer to sell LCDs instead, they don't have a very wide range of CRTs available. And the cheaper ones are just rubbish, bad focus, bad geometry etc etc.
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    hehehe.. the only fun ever related to telemarketing.. thx for the links :D
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    Error On Neogeo - Help Needed Please

    I havent tried the Neogeo emulator, so I am no expert. But maybe you have got bad ROM dumps.
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    Ow Ow Ow My Wrists.

    A true test of love indeed... :D
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    Mame Gp32 2.2 Has Been Released!

    Nice!! Looking forward to be testing this one... Thx !!! :D
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    The Game Of World Domination

    I think Colonial Conquest on the Atari ST is a Risk game too...
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    In Need Of Camera Help

    What is the name of the software you are using to transfer your material? It does sound like it's re-encoding your material. A computer needs to be able to sustain a 3.6MB/sec data stream to playback a DV file.
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    Supercard And Superkey For Ds

    There are so many options available it's making my head spin. What are the disadvantages with Superpass? Many people say it's better to flash your unit, but I can't make head or tail of it ... yet.
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    Supercard And Superkey For Ds

    Geez… no need to insult people sliteist, you just come of as a moron. Besides what has female gaming got to do with dyslexia and/or moron l337 speak? As much I have to agree with Warmfluffyuk that intentional incorrect spelling is utterly stupid, the English language is constantly changing, or...
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    Make Nintendo Pay

    Ok, I guess I will find out when I get a new game for my DS. I have only got WarioWare Touched now, so I have hardly even touched the dpad...
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    I See Girls...........

    If you find it, remember to let us know if it's any good. I really should get hold of the first one and finish it. The last time I played it was together with a friend and with his copy. But he sold it before we could finish it. We got quite far but I am sure we missed lots of good scares not...
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    Make Nintendo Pay

    What's the problem exactly? Just curious, just bought myself a NDS lite ...
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    Ds Lite

    :blink: A Spectrum emulator?! Yipee! I better check out the Passme/SuperKey then... :D
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    I See Girls...........

    Ah yes, Project Zero is really scary. Too bad about the annoying “Resident Evil” like puzzles though. But I forgive the game, because it really scared the pants of me a couple of times. Remember when that ghost stuck its head around a corner in the beginning, yikes. Have you tried Project Zero...