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  1. elwing

    Fallout 1

    Fallout is free to "buy" before 11h59 pacific on steam, make sure to grab it before the action ends!
  2. elwing

    uCity on GBC

    Just seen that: It seems quite marvelous... don't have the hardware for it through...
  3. elwing

    Ok, I gave in...

    I miss my lost gbm too much... I gave him and just ordered pcb to try to attempt to build my own piboy zero... I hope I'll succeed... Sourcing everything will take time anyway...
  4. elwing

    Arx - End of Sun

    Hi all, I just noticed this fan made prequel to arx fatalis got a frst beta release... sounds great, can't wait to get back home to try :D ++
  5. elwing


    I was thinking this was dead but it was just opensourced: still in alpha but not dead...
  6. elwing

    Damn, finally broken

    Damn, my pandora is finally broken, I'm not sure how it happened but I suspect my childs are partially responsible. the display backlight does not power anymore, the rest of the unit seems fine trough (if you except the power led that stays one no matter what but this posed no problem over the...
  7. elwing

    not that I care...

    It's not that I care about apple, but this is really some nice Pron!
  8. elwing

    What to do with an EEEPC 701

    I've got an old eeePC 701 that I stopped to use and was replaced with a tablet for its previous use. Now I've got an eeePC sitting here and doing nothing... Any interesting idea on what to do with it?
  9. elwing

    HdmyBoy anyone?
  10. elwing

    Pathologic remake

    I've always been tempted to play Pathologic, despide all the bugs and crudeness... now there's a remake of it... it looks quite interesting.
  11. elwing


    The DarkMod is no longer a mod! you don't need Doom3 anymore!
  12. elwing

    GOG D&D collection

    lots of D&D games, including quite a few of playable game on the pandora using GemRB...
  13. elwing


    Woot, KSP is now supported on linux and is also on steam :) I predict more horrible kerbal death... for science... you monster
  14. elwing

    Steam for linux is live... with sales and 50 games supported...

    title says most... the go even up to post link to Ubuntu :)
  15. elwing

    dsx86 coming to android title says all... seen what we can run on a DS using DSx86 or DS2x86 using a DS TWO card, I can't wait to see what kind of performance we'll get on a pandora...
  16. elwing

    Arx Libertatis

    Version 1.0.1 just released... with support for linux using OpenAL, SDL and unfortunately OpenGL...
  17. elwing

    Realm of the Mad God!

    have you seen that? a mix of a MMO ARPG and bullet hell shooter with perma death and pixelated graphic... and the best? it's free (through ridden with item you can buy with real money...)
  18. elwing

    Arx Fatalis goes open source...