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    Remove The "screen Protector"?

    I have a small hair underneath my screen cover, and would like to remove it... A: How can I take it off without damage? what would be a good tool? B: Will it stick firmly back on once taking it off? Or will i have to get a replacement?
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    No Gb Emu That Saves?

    I usually would prefer to research, but i have, and have just about to come to the conclusion that i'm SOL HERE... I really would like a GB emulator that can save, so i can stop using the PSP's widescreen for this stuff =p If there is a hack, or a newer version of something i'm missing, lemme...
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    Recieved My Gp2x...scratched

    Hey all... I just got my GP2x tonight (birthday gift), it came from .... I opened the box, took the plastic screen cover off of it's little film covering it, and it is SCRATCHED ALL TO HELL. As if it was on another gp2x, and left it someones pocket uncovered multiple times. I...
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    Homemade Power Adapter?

    Has anyone out there worked on a homemade wall or usb power adapter for the gp2x? A conversion from another adapter, or anything of the sort ... i need one, but would prefer not to shell out $25 + shipping for one =/ thanks
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    2gb Sd Card?

    Anyone know of a 2gig SD card that works with the gp2x? There is a gp2x on a shelf in my house, wrapped in gift wrapping for me to open sunday, and i'd like to have one ordered and shipped by then... So thank you.
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    Best Place To Buy A 2x?

    Alright.. A certain someone is going to be getting me a gp2x for my birthday at the end of the month, lik-sang is on back order, so i'm looking for another reliable and trustworthy distributor for this person to buy from.... (i'm in the US) Where are you guys getting your gp2x's? And tell me...