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  1. Saber

    Star Wars The Force Awakens Comic Con 2015 Reel

    Thought some of you might enjoy this. Can't wait till December.  :)
  2. Saber

    New Gaming Handheld in the works---Pascal.

    Caught word from the site Obscure Handhelds of a new handheld that's based off the Raspberry Pie(reminder, the case is in the rough prototype stage). Apparently, it'll play more than a few classic consoles and systems including at least at full speed: NES SNES MAME (Various Arcade) CPS-1...
  3. Saber

    Rogue Squadron II and III now working with Dolphin emu

    A big thanks to the team working on Dolphin as they  :wub:   finally  :wub:   got Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2 and 3 to work in their emulator. Hooray! Blog post:
  4. Saber

    Revo K101 preorders up

    Some of you might be interested to know the Revo K101 is available again to preorder. Shipping apparently in March. A Review: As said below, ED's shop will have them too.  :)
  5. Saber

    Dpad changes, pivot? (For Pyra)

    My question is will the pivot on the Dpad be reduced any from how it is on the Pandora? Dave's design is splendid, it's that there's some extra perceptible directional travel when pressing left or right, versus up and down which are exacting. I've noticed this now on two entirely different Dpads...
  6. Saber

    George Lucas's new trilogy ideas axed by Disney

    Article is here: Wholeheartedly agree with the author's opinion on how the more influential and hands on George Lucas was with each successive Star Wars film, the worse the...
  7. Saber

    Micro HDMI moved to above USB2.0 for lateral L2, R2 Triggers

    My question is was there a reason the HDMI port wasn't moved to above the other USB 2.0 port like was done with the Pyra's micro USB debug/charge port on the backside to allow side by side L2 and R2 shoulder buttons and maybe to fit a longer, easier sourced hinge assembly then? The micro HDMI...
  8. Saber

    Unofficial Keyboard Layouts

    Finalized Pyra keyboard layouts by _wb_, Grench, comradekingu, ible, mrpalmtop, and Tahatch Bearwolf are here. and klapse's mod of _wb_'s is here.  Discussion thread for them is here.
  9. Saber

    Free offline Wikipedia viewer for Pandora, Tablets, and PC's.

    Aard Dictionary is a free Wikipedia offline viewer for Windows, OS X, Ubuntu, and Android. The full, free encyclopedias, available in a multitude of languages, are found on this page. I absolutely adore this software and hope you will too. Enjoy. :)
  10. Saber

    My Pandora 2 and ICP2 Keyboard Layout, GCW One/Dual(February 18th 2013)

    I. Pandora 2 and ICP2 Keyboard Layout--(January 20th 2013) Option 1: Option 2: Option 3:   II. GCW One and Dual Concepts--(February 18th 2013)   ------------------------------------------------------- III. Legacy Pandora 2 Concept--(August 17th 2012) IV. Slate V...
  11. Saber

    Please Delete:Radical Hardware Idea for Pandora 2(Outdated 2/22/2012)

    Mods, please delete this thread as it is severely outdated now. Thanks. :)