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    Deal Or No Deal?

    hmm... Thing is, I currently have a sapphire radeon x300 256mb and I can buy an AOpen Aeolus 6600-DV128LP for 40 euros, is this a faster card, and worth the bucks?
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    Need Help

    I need help installing Novell Zenworks 7 desktop management. Anyone here has some experience using zenworks? or knows some usefull sites? I must say its hard to find a nice documentation about how to install desktop management services from start to end... I have eDirectory installed on a...
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    Payback Demo

    anyone tried it? link:,0,0,0,38,1475
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    Asot 2006!

    Anyone listened to A State Of Trance 2006 by Armin van Buuren ? If not you should do it right now! It rocks!! :D (listening to it now ^_^)
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    Now Im Pissed...

    What could be wrong with my gp2x, I have it for some time now, and I only had some cheap rechargebles laying around which lasted for about 15 minutes. But I thought, ah well those are cheap batteries, lets wait for my ansmann batteries... Thing is, now I have my ansmann 2400mah batteries but...
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    Where's the gp32/gp2x archive??? Keep getting this: "DBI connect('sql740:localhost','sql740',...) failed: Too many connections at cfiles.cgi line 32"
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    I Did It!

    I just sold my gp32 :(, but the good news is, now im finally getting a gp2x :D. I was just wondering 1 thing: What do you guys think of liksang when it comes to selling gp2xes? I bought my gp32 from them and I really liked their great service and low prices. The gp2x is for me much cheaper...
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    Should I Sell My Gp32

    What do you guys think... should I sell my gp32 and get a gp2x? I mean the gp32 is still a great console, but I dont use it often anymore and the gp2x looks so cool :D And if I sell it, how much would i get for: 1 gp32 FLU max oc 194mhz, 2x 128mb smc, a carrying bag (fits great) and headphones...
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    Omg Omg!!

    Jelle Klaassen has won!! (Lakeside)
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year to you all :)!
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    Netcard Problems...

    Im having weird problems with my ethernet card I was just playing a bit with hping (using a bootable linux distro) , and suddenly my connection is gone ... I reboot my pc into windows try connect to the internet but nothing. I reinstalled all the drivers, configured all the ipadresses manually...
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    Sd Card Mod

    How is the progress going with the sd card mod? Has anyone heard of it lately?
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    Lets start with this: AAAARGH! I started my pc and I got a BSoD I restarted, after a few mins I got another bsod. I restarted again and got another one at the end I had six bsods! But when I tried to restart for the seventh time my screen stayed black :angry:. I tried pulling the grafics card...
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    I might have missed the news but: Will there be an fsnes??, on the frontpage of rlyeh's site you can see this symbol: Edited to remove hotlinking.
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    Psp Or Pc

    what should I buy, a psp with some games or a cheap second hand pc (for things like coding and serving)?
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    hmmm..., I have gpcinema2 on one of my smc's and it works correctly, but when I try to run it off another smc the program "hangs" at GP:\gpetc\, I tried redownloading, but still the same problem :(
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    Acl Problems...

    I used the "cacls" program (md-dos) to edit the acl of the mdvbvm60.dll file, and now when I'm trying to install a program it says "Error getting file security <filename> GetLastError: 5".
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    GP32 Borland C++ Builder

    Is it possible to use c++ builder to code for the gp32?, and if it is, does anybody have some instructions on how to do it?
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    How To Pay

    I want to buy some games from gamepark, can I only use a credit card to pay the games?
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    No Power

    I made a connector for the chatboard, I measured pin 1 and 18 and there is no power, why, did I put the pins in wrong or something? I have at pin 1 the thick side up and at pin 18 the thick side down.