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    Release Asylum

    Superb little game. I used to play this on my Acorn Archimedes. Can't wait to give it another go on my Pandora!
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    Starfighter 3000 Port?

    Used to love this game on my Archimedes. I wonder if it would be possible to port Stunt Racer 2000 as well.
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    BBC Emulation (merged thread)

    I did manage to get a beeb emulator working using the cross-compile method. Unfortunately it was very slow and the keyboard mapping was all wrong. I'm not a unix developer so wouldn't know where to start modifying the code. The wiz version under ginge works well, but as mentioned it would...
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    BBC Emulation (merged thread)

    I gave RISC OS a go on my Pandora with the latest Beagleboard build from It clears the screen and the words "cessor" and "resent - autobooting" appear on the screen. That's as far as it seems to get, it doesn't seem to respond to the keyboard. I guess you're right that we need...
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    BBC Emulation (merged thread)

    Of course Acorn went on to design the "Acorn Risc Machine" or ARM chip, an evolution of which is living inside the Pandora. Acorn's decision to design a Risc chip was inspired by the simple instructions of the 6502 in the BBC Micro. So in a way the Pandora owes its existance (or at least its...