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  1. nickspoon

    The World Ends With You

    Two words. Bloody brilliant. If you haven't got it yet and you own a DS, get it now. It's one of the best JRPGs I've played. You won't regret trying it out. Anyone else here have it? Share your experiences and all that.
  2. nickspoon

    Mister Block V1.0

    A very late update to Mister Block (should have been done ages ago, but stuff got in the way) is now here! The 1.0 release adds new features to the already quite-good platformer. Download New in this release: Image-file levels Levels can now be in a huge number of sizes, not just 40x30 Some...
  3. nickspoon

    Mister Block

    So, addressing various problems and requests here, a brand new Mister Block release! More new stuff: Pause Improved controls Clock set to 120MHz Highscores set by yours truly - see if you can beat them! New stuff: Highscores Power time visible Level selector Level editor (courtesy of...
  4. nickspoon

    Mister Block

    Since everyone else seems to be doing it... Mister Block is my hastily-coded GBAX 2007 competition entry! The idea is very simple indeed - to get all the blue blocks - but I am assured that it is somewhat enjoyable. It is loosely based on some Japanese game I found on the internet once. I may...
  5. nickspoon

    Gp2x Crap Games Competition Results!

    After much deliberation, procrastination and hibernation, I and a panel of highly qualified judges I found on IRC have come to a final decision. So, the moment you've all been waiting (months too long) for: The winners of the bitter taste of defeat are: 3. Guyfawkes - Walking Simulator Extreme...
  6. nickspoon

    Gp2x Crap Games Competition

    Well, in traditional GP2X spirit, I've taken the good bits out of the recent GP2X competitions and the good bits from the previous crap games competitions and fused them together, producing a strange, odd-smelling viscous liquid, which I flushed down the toilet. I then sat down at my PC and came...
  7. nickspoon

    Crossroads V1.1

    I've updated Crossroads - fixed a few things, changed the controls and added infinite mode. Tell me what you think! Download Crossroads v1.1 (the above link now works)
  8. nickspoon

    Deon Vonniget

    Clicky Have a listen.
  9. nickspoon

    Buying A Pc

    So, anyway, my current PC, a Celeron laptop, sucks hard. So now I've got me some cash, I'm going to buy a new one. Unfortunately my budget is a bit tight and I don't want to spend more than about £300. This is what I'm looking at (self-built, parts from ebuyer): 1 x ASUS A8V-XE SKT 939 PCI-E...
  10. nickspoon


    Spout is an abstract shooter, ported from the PC version by no_skill. == Gameplay == Where do I start? I could play this game for hours. It's such a brilliant yet simple concept. You're a square ship. You're flying at grey stuff. You have no bullets, lasers or any form of projectile weaponry...
  11. nickspoon

    GP2X Mplayer Library

    libgpvid is a library based on the recently-released GPH MPlayer sourcecode. It can be included in any app compiled for the GP2X with the official SDK. It's currently very basic - you can play a video at default volume, no seeking or pausing. So, without further adieu, an example: #include...
  12. nickspoon

    Use The Search Funktion

    This is a public service announcement. If you dislike having your eyes gouged out and the rest of your body tarred and feathered then burnt at the stake, please search before creating a topic. Chances are, your question had already been answered. If you are having difficulty using the built-in...
  13. nickspoon

    GP2X Small Gp2x Games Shop

    Note that this is merely an idea at the moment, and this thread is to gauge interest. I was discussing in #gp2xdev the idea of a game shop for small GP2X games. Games would be around £2.50 apiece and would be downloaded directly to SD. The idea of this is to get games developers to produce some...
  14. nickspoon

    Gp2x On G@mers

    The RaptureTV show G@mers 'reviewed' the GP2X yesterday. Needless to say, like nearly every other review, it wasn't very good. It wasn't really a review, more of an interview with Jono Bacon, who is some Linux guy with this awesome beard, but anyway. It was clear Jono didn't have a good play...
  15. nickspoon

    Kurukuru2x Preview

    Seeing as everyone seems to be revealing stuff... I've spent the past few weeks designing and coding a clone of Kuru Kuru Kururin for the GP2X. Currently it's not as full-featured as I'd like it to be, but it is functional and playable. Unfortunately my GP2X is in Yorkshire at the moment...
  16. nickspoon

    What Happened To The What Happened To The Spam Thread Thread?

    I'm gonna sulk untill a new one turns up/old one turns up. :(
  17. nickspoon

    8 Topics Vs. 7 Stickies Equals :(

    Seriously the topics are out of control. Topics we can sticky are: 1.)Show me your GP2X! - C'mon guys, this guy wants to be shown a GP2X, and the only way to do it is stickies. 2.)Duh, Where to Buy? - This should be stickied because we have very little information on this. 3.)Win95 / Freedos...
  18. nickspoon


    The aim of this thread is to see how much you lot rely on the backspace key, and also to have a laugh at silly typos. So, the rules of the thread are: 1) Once you have typed a character, it stays . It goes into your post. That means no backspace, no, highytlight-delete, no, go back n delete, no...
  19. nickspoon


    Well, I've finally managed to get me a cheap Dreamcast, though the games that came with it were extremely bad, and half of them didn't work. Anyway, I'm sure a number of you own Dreamcasts, so what are your favourite games?
  20. nickspoon

    Gp2x Reader

    For how long have you wanted your GP2X to read to you in a Microsoft Sam-style voice? That dream is now a reality! :P Flite is a Text-To-Speech application, a portable version of Festival. It can read .txt files, albeit strangely. It comes packaged with kounch's file selector, I hope he...