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    In Depth Info About The Cpu

    for a class i got, we gotta do a presentation about a cpu. it might be nice to do it about the one the pandora uses (ARM Cortex-A8 from what i gathered from the site) i'm looking around for what documentation i can find about it (one of the most important things is how the pipeline works). any...
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    GP2X Glbasic

    i've been messing with glbasic a bit, i'll probably submit something for the contest, but i'm wondering a few things... 1. i compiled some basic things (lines getting drawn, sprites bouncing around) for the gp2x, sent it to someone with a gp2x, and all he gets is a black screen -_-. i've got the...
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    Me and a good friend started our own Otaku blog. If you like anime/manga/games, have a look :), leave a comment Uryaa!
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    Little Request Concerning The Video's On The Frontpage

    I don't think it's too much to ask to put a little link to them below them. I'm using opera, and for some reason they don't work on the frontpage, but do work when i paste their url in the adressbar... so a little link to them below them would make them (and future video's) a lot easier to watch...
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    Hacked Again...

    the forum is hacked again... just great didn't you guys take any measures after last time??
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    This Site (or One Linked) Infected By Something?

    on both this pc and my other pc( which are not connected in any way, not in the same network) i see browser hijack attempts when coming to this site. first my virusscanner (avg free) pops up with the notice that my temporary map folder (of opera, my browser) contains an exploit (seen several...
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    Smc Dead?

    one of my smartmedia cards died, so i went to buy a new one... i finally found 1 last card in a store here, but all others didn't have any... one of the stores even't offered to order one, but after trying with 8 dealers they gave up not finding any.... so when my other cards start dying i'm...
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    Content Creators?

    I'm just wondering, are there people interested in making content for games? sprites, levels, whatever... my sliders game could use some better graphics (better "menu" on the side to start with, loading screen,...) I've got that metaphysic game, you can already create levels (simply edit a text...
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    All About Scrolling In Fenix

    I've so far not bothered to start working with scroll, but you once just have to try it, but finding good info is HARD (unless you speak spanish <_< ) i'l open with a little scroll demo with LOTS of comment i just wrote, i hope this'll explain the basics of scrolling a bit, and a little nice...
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    Sliders 32

    Here i am again, new game (again copied from what someone else is makin :(, but sourcecode is within, and i've asked Dustin before releasing it if he would mind...) It's a sliding puzzle game first some screens: Some basic info: -you can adjust the playfield size (number of blocks...
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    The Function Glob(string Pattern)

    can someone help me out here? the function glob (to search for files), i use it in the latest version of scorched gp, and i thought it worked (i remember having tested it, i still have an old file to test the function with), however now it doesn't seem to work (nor does the old testfile), am i...
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    How To Buy A Gp2x Without Creditcard?

    i haven't got a credit card (and my parents don't really thrust buying things over internet....), so i can't buy it off any website i so far know... nor can i create a paypal account..... is there any way to buy a gp2x?
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    Fenix On Fire

    i can't see the banner in the newspost, nor can i reach the site...
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    Gp32x.... it's both gp32 and gp2x that name... and it's been around from way before the name gp2x was thought of... have you guys got some crystal globe to predict the future with(if yes, tell us about the emus :D )
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    What Nonsense Have You So Far Read On The Gp2x??

    on a forum i often visit i just read a post on the gp2x, it said: 1: the gp2x was no more than a media player, no games to be expected for it 2: the gp2x was slower than the gp32 3: no 3d for the gp2x 4: the real successor of the gp32 is the xgp... i made some "tiny" remarks to his post....
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    Fenix Knowledge Base

    we all discover strange things that shouldn't do what they do, or that simply don't work. lets group all those things, cause if we all keep it to ourselves it's a lot of information lost :) things i know so far: 1. the split command doesn't work on the gp32 2. let_me_alone() doesn't kill the...
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    i've been working on a remake of metaphysik for the gp32 (started with goity showing his version of physique ^^) the original can be found here: and here's my current progress: i got the...
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    Reading A Txt File In Fenix

    i made some code to read a txt file, line per line and storing every line in a seperate string :) have a look: *edit* little correction made ^^ program textreader; global power[4]=1,256,256*256,256*256*256; textfile[1000];//we'll read up to 4000 chars string line[100];//up to 100 lines, should...
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    GP32 Different Collision Detection On Pc/gp32

    with several things i've made i noticed the collision detection on the gp32 is flawed... for example for bullet collision in my game i started with a 1x1 pixel graph for that process, worked on the pc, not on the gp32, so i took a 3x3 pixel graph, no more problems :) now i made that little...
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    New Version Of Scorched Gp

    New version, with lots of new things :) -some weapons have trails :) -some extra weapons -ai has been made stronger and selects the weapon it shoots with smart (i hope :P) -rounds, with buying weapons in between :) -health shown above the tank -menus made a bit less responsive, i hope it's okay...