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    Gp32 Flu For Sale

    Selling my GP32 Flu EDIT: Just relisted due to eBay mix up! USB cable and 32MB SMC included Auction runs for 7 days - starting price just 99p! Ebay listing Thanks for looking :)
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    Gp2X F100 For Sale

    Selling my GP2X that I bought from new. Low starting bid. For more details see the eBay listing: eBay GP2X Listing Shipping to the EU. Thanks! (and there will be a GP32 for sale shortly this space!)
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    Another Slow Mplayer Problem

    Hi, I've been using avidemux for encoding some dvds, and am very happy with it. To get the smallest file size possible, and as I am mainly encoding animation, I decided to half the frame rate to 15fps/12.5fps. I managed to get the videos down to around 100mb + ~40mb audio, and all plays fine...
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    In a rush to get my game, CUBES, finished in time, i forgot to credit my beta testers, who were a great help its development! So special thanks to (in no particular order) mac_d4di, jbrodack, rokdcasbah, xythen, Draken, mth411, xnopasaranx, Mikey242, dsraa hope i haven't missed anybody...
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    I've tried adding sync() to my C++ program, after writing to a high score file. Dev-C++ reports that the "sync" function is undeclared... what should I include to enable this to work? Thanks for any help! EDIT: I've tried using #include <unistd.h> but to no avail... EDIT: <thanks mod>
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    Front Page Forum Posts

    I know this has been mentioned before, but is there any logic to the categories that new forum posts get put under on the front page? It's not a big problem, but it seems GP2X Dev posts go under the "General Forums" section, other GP2X posts go in the "GP2X / XGP General and Development"...
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    GP2X Adjusting Volume, /dev/mixer?

    More sound help please :) If i'm writing to /dev/dsp for sound output, how should I adjust the volume? Is there a /dev/mixer present that I can adjust on the gp2x, or will I have to actually scale the sound data before outputting to /dev/dsp? cheers, Sam EDIT: and why do posts into this...
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    GP2X Writing To /dev/dsp/ (and Telnet-ing)

    About to start work on some sound output using/dev/dsp/, and having never used this before I would appreciate any help on a few questions... Is the buffer size fixed? If so, does anybody have a figure for this on the '2x, else, how do you change it? When i overflow the buffer, can I check...
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    Usb Wire Colours

    I thought as the official BoB is probably going to be while, and for a bit of fun, I'd try building my own. I've only just ordered some bits, but I have an old usb extension cable lying around which I've decided to hack apart to get a usb socket. Now, i've cut the cable, and stripped a bit of...
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    Another Cheap 1gb Sd Card - £20 Ebuyer

    Ebuyer are selling a viking 1gb sd card for £20 for anyone thats interested, not sure how it works with GP2x.
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    How To Program Sound?

    Hi guys, Hoping somebody can help, I'm new to programming any sort of sound. I've recently completely a university programming project (in Linux and Windows) and was thinking of porting it to the gp2x. However, it relies on openGL and the FMod sound libraries. I'm confident i can rewrite...
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    Psx Emu Controls

    I might have missed this in the pages and pages of psx emu discussion, but how does the emu map the R2 and L2 buttons? In the readme i can't find a mention of it, as if there is only one L and R button :s
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    Script For Renaming To Top.smc

    i've written a very quick and dirt script to copy roms to top.smc from all the *.smcs it finds (in turn), so you can test a number of SNES roms with the emulator without going back to your pc. SMC renamer
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    Hexen And Metalslug

    To anybody who has got either of these working, can you let us know how? I'm prob doing something wrong but all i get is a black screen... I have metal slug roms and shareware hexen wad... not sure where to put them though! cheers
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    GP2X Benifits Of Linux

    I am a bit unsure as to what the benifits of using linux as an operating system are, regarding both developing software and using the system. As I understand the gp2x will use a linux kernel. What will this mean to the developer? Does this mean that there are lots of extra functions that can...
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    Howto: Fixing Smartmedia After Winxp Format

    Hi, Just thought I'd share my experience... after my SmartMedia card got currupt and couldn't be read at all by my GP32, I decided as a last resort to try a FAT16 format in WinXP with a card reader. (I have tried this before and it left the card unreadable in my GP32.) Well, sure enough the...
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    SCUMMVM problems

    when i try to run games in SCUMMVM the screen displays a nice patterned array of colours, i get a message "trying to load game" or something similar, then the GP32 resets. I've tried MI1 & 2 and DOTT with the same results. This problem is occuring in the 132mhz version, as the 133mhz doesn't...