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    Nes Emu Issues

    So I've messed with all the NES emus. The port for Pandora works okay, but screen scaling and vsync don't work, so I tried the GP2x version via Ginge. That works, but for whatever reason, Ninja Gaiden (and maybe other games) run at 86 fps with frameskip on auto or at 0. I have no idea why...
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    Signs Of Life

    Got an email today that my repaired/replacement unit is going out! Time to update the SD card, which is now nearly 3 months out of date. Any others receive words of shipments? Good to see Pandora production moving again.
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    Would You Go Back And Change The Design?

    Just curious if most would go back and change the basic design of the Pandora if they could. Making the somewhat dubious assumption that a simpler design would've led to much smoother and more timely production, would people go back and be willing to lose things like the full keyboard...
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    Screen Turning Blue

    Recently, I would occasionally get some pale bands running horizontally across my lcd. It was no big deal, just a little adjusting of hinge angle and whatnot and it would go away. Yesterday however, instead of just going away, the whole screen took a blue tint, and it hasn't gone away. It...
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    Enable Network Manager After Startup?

    I disabled network manager on startup because the majority of the time I use the pandora it's for gaming, and no internet connection is required. I figured it makes startup take longer, decreases battery, and uses up cpu cycles. However, now if I want to use any internet features, I have to go...
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    Setting Clock Speed With .ovr Files

    So I was making some .ovr files per the wiki to organize my emulators into minimenu folder categories and set specific clock speeds per program, but the clock speed settings don't seem to be working. For instance psx4pandora is generating non-overclock emulation speeds even though .ovr file...
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    Battery Not Charging

    Seems that my pandora battery won't charge. I'd expect when you plug it in you get a charging light like on DS? Light or not, I can plug the pandora into the wall for a while, come back, and the battery will have less juice than where I left it. Am I missing something? The unit will turn on...
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    Possible Emulator Hud For Touchscreen/keyboard

    Actually worked this up a while ago, imagining ways to utilize pandora's touchscreen and widescreen format for 4:3 games. I'm sure there are some problems, but I think the basic idea could be pretty useful. What do you guys think?
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    Picodrive Sound Hangs

    Picodrive is a near flawless emulator, but I've long noticed some sound hangs in Marble Madness. It wasn't that big a deal because it would usually only hang a few seconds and the beginning/end of levels. Last night I was playing Dune for Genesis on my gp2x for the first time and I noticed a...
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    New Gpfce?

    I noticed today that there was new upload of gpfce to the archive on March 3rd. The download link is still for the .2 version from last may though, as maybe the only thing changed was swapping in the newer selector file? I'm not sure. Anybody else take a look? I'm keeping my fingers crossed...
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    Davec Dpad Mods Still Available?

    So are these things still available from anywhere? I was planning on ordering from as soon as the mk1 units were back in stock, but now the item is no longer listed.
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    Picking Up On Gpfce

    Emulator for NES currently runs at 60 fps with extremely high compatibility at 233mhz, so optimizing the code isn't that necessary. What would be welcome is a menu system, or lacking that, a change from using stick click to manage save states and exit games (eg L+R+Start to exit), and using...
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    Current D-pad Options

    Given how most emulators are pretty well advanced, I find the biggest thing holding back my play time is the joystick. Now I like my DaveC cap and all, but what are the current options for switching to a dpad? Fixing it myself probably isn't an option. I have neither the tools nor the skill...
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    No Image On Tv-out

    I just got my tvout, but when I try it on my tv the lcd goes out, but the tv screen just stays black and says unusable signal. I have tried both PAL and NTSC modes (I am in north america), and am using a s-video coupler ( for the...
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    Emulator Popup Menu Idea

    After seeing Squidge's implementation of the transparency hack, I got the bright idea that you could expand this concept to encompass many more features from an in-game menu. Combing that concept with the GP2x hardware test screen, I came up with this possible in-game menu: The concept is...
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    The Tv-out Rundown

    So I figured it's about time to get a tv-out cable and enjoy some retro on the bigscreen. Just have a few questions before ordering that I'm sure others must be curious about as well.... First off, is gbax the only place we can be sure of getting 'second-run' cables? I'm in the US and was...
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    Seeing that no one has really stepped up to the plate with a fully featured NES emulator yet, I thought I'd throw out a suggestion that came up in another thread; how about a port of PocketNES, originally written for the GBA? I know nothing of coding, but it is a quality NES emulator with full...
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    Some Neogeo Roms Not Booting In Mame

    Hey, just a quick question about rom compatibility. Some of the neogeo roms I have recompiled with clrmame using the .dat won't load in MAMEgp2x, just leaving a message saying unable to load if I recall correctly. The current culprits are Overtop, Neo Bomberman, and Neo Driftout. Clrmame says...
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    Filling Out Incomplete .34 Mame Sets

    So I converted my MAME rom set, but now I am left with a bunch of incomplete sets. I have managed to cut my number of incomplete sets in half by going to rom sites and downloading everything pertaining to the game and adding them via clrmame, but there are still a number of games I would love...
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    Mame2x Help

    Ok, so I just got my 2x, and have gotten a few things working very nicely, however mame is not one of them. I copied the files for mame2x, and put my converted romset from clrmame into the mamegp2x/roms folder, but whenever I run mame, I see the splash screen, but then I when I hit any button...