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    Hexen 2 - Portal of Praevus support?

    I was able to easily get Hexen 2 running, and it looks and plays really well.  Unlike Darkplaces and Yamagi Quake 2, however, it doesn't seem to have a console command to point to a game folder which would allow me to start the mission pack.  In Darkplaces, for instance, I could just type...
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    Does offer hardware upgrades?

    I have a Rebirth edition I'd like to upgrade to 1 GHz.  Given my location it would probably be faster to deal with, but I don't see the option to obtain an upgrade anywhere on the site.
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    XFCE confusion

    Having never used XFCE before I'm finding window management to be somewhat frustrating.  The primary issue is that a lot of the application windows are larger than the Pandora's screen real estate and I'm unable to display reach buttons or fields that are off-screen.  I've tried using the move...
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    Xournal calibration issues

    I have a strange issue with Xournal - the cursor controlled by the analog nubs is spot on, works great, but when using the stylus it creates the line about a centimeter to the right of where the stylus contacted the screen.  Drawing a straight vertical line creates a diagonal line slanting from...