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    Smashgp2x 0.2

    Hi all ! SmashGp2x 0.2 is now available on my website Changelog: 0.2 Added music, ported the mod player from Mr Mirko's sdk for Gp32. The game can be located wherever you want on the sd card. More stability (can load more characters, and shouldn't freeze any...
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    GP2X Sound Questions...

    Hi all, I was wondering if there was a classic (firmware friendly) way to assign the volume keys to the main volume, like what you can find on the psp to set up the home button callback ? As I don't use the volume keys in my game, that would be nice (even if I think there is not, as I guess it...
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    Smashgp2x 0.1

    Just uploaded SmashGp2x 0.1, it's available on my webpage: No music yet, but sound effects. Also, there's a bug in the survival mode, you have to pre-load the characters (select them once so that they're loaded and won't have to be while playing)...
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    GP2X Problem Using Mikmod...

    Hi all, I've got a problem including the mikmod into my program. When I include mikmod.h, then the compiler says, for some of the functions that have a prototype, "error: static declaration of ' follows non-static declaration", and then the following line tells me that the previous declaration...
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    GP2X Problem With As

    Hi all, I've got a problem with my arm-linux-as command - it uses hardware fp, and then the .o file won't link with the others. I've got devkitGP2X installed on WinXP. Can someone help me to fix this ? How can I set the parameters for as ? Also, how can I tell the makefile that as is in fact...
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    Smashgp 0.4d

    Hey all !! I just released the new beta of SmashGp 0.4d, with mostly bugfixes (the multiple character selection pages) and more.... New URL also: Enjoy :)
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    Smashgp 0.4b

    Hi all !!! As I could read that the game was pretty unstable (or to be more honest, always rebooting) when the memory was (almost) full, I've been working on a new loading system. So, here is the new beta !!!! But it still suffers from serious bugs. Now, the game won't load the characters on...
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    GP32 Struct Array In Struct

    Hi all! I have these structs declared: typedef struct { int length; unsigned short *sound; } s_sound; typedef struct { short poids, nsauts; char name[32]; short idcoups, idphoto, idicone; // s_sound son[32]; short nsons; char pakname[16]...
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    Smashgp 0.3

    Hi there !! I continued working on SmashGp, as a lot of stuff were still missing. Now the gameplay should be closer to the original N64 version. And what I realized a few days ago is that now, when I'm testing, you can hear me laugh from a distance :) So for the quick changelog: -New...
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    GP32 Bmp2pak 1.2

    I modified again my Bmp2paK program (which had some bugs), and I thought that some other coders might want to use it as it converts automatically a bunch of bmp files to source files, separate or in a single file. It can open bmps, it should do so from 8bit to 32bit, but I don't have all the...
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    Smashgp 0.2b

    Ok, so no really big change, but a second character (thanks to MrPropre), new definitive palette, and a few bug fixes. Go there: and grab
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    Smashedit 0.1

    Hi again ! I open this topic for all the people that would like to make characters / arenas for SmashGp. You can ask anything, report bugs, give comments / suggestions. But also, this topic is there to make a better palette that will suit everyone's needs. I attached a palette file - it's the...
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    Smashedit 0.1

    It's ready !!! I had some time to write some little pdfs, and also I've put the mario bmps in the archive as an example (with the small arena's Mappy maps). Also I'll open a topic in the support forums, and everyone who whould like to create maps or characters should have a look on it as there...
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    Smashgp 0.2

    As promised, the new version of SmashGp is available !!!! Go grab it here: **deleted for now - see my post below** Leave feedback on this post please ! Tomorrow I will release the editors, and open 2 new beta test threads. For people interested in making characters, start gathering gfx of...
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    Gpfinalwar 0.7 + Wargame Maker

    Hi there ! Big update today !!! Website has changed first: GpFinalWar updated to 0.7, with now external files support. WarGame Maker is out !!!! It lets you create your own mod for GpFinalWar. See my website. And a brand new campaign is on its way !
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    Wargame Maker

    Whatever the answer will be, Wargame Maker is on its way, but it would be good to have feedback from people that would use the Wargame Maker, before I release it so I can get as much ideas as possible. Screenshots soon on my website. Thanks.
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    Gpfinalwar 0.6 B

    Go grab it here: Please report me if the fixes work here:
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    Gpfinalwar 0.6

    As I don't really know if multimania will keep my account as there is a lot of downloads on my account, I post my game here, so that will be easier for bug reporting also. Thanks in advance for any comment or suggestion.
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    Gpfinalwar 0.6 Available

    You'll find the link here: Comments are welcome, as well as what you'd think about a moddable version !!
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    GP32 4kb Aligned Addresses

    I'd like to disable caching on my sound buffer, as I heard it would increase the mixing speed. The thing is, I declare my buffer simply like this: unsigned short sbuffer[sbufsize]; How can I make a 4KB aligned buffer ??? Thanks