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    Recommended Caanoo Case & Charger

    Hi, I bought a great Caanoo case (well it's actually a DSI case :)) for just £2.50 on ebay(UK) so wanted to show anyone who's interested! It's good because it's low cost but is great quality. Also the Caanoo fits pretty much perfectly inside it (see pics below). It was just a bit tight fitting...
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    Zelda Link To The Past On Caanoo Problem

    Hi, When I play Zelda Link to the Past on the Snes emulator on my Caanoo I get a problem when I exit the house at the start the graphics are incorrect and shows as just a blue screen with rain falling and some enemies/soldiers about the place. Can anyone tell me if it's a matter of me changing...
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    New Caanoo Owner. My Thoughts On The Console

    Hi All, Just wanted to give my comments on the Caanoo which I finally got and have been playing.. Firstly, The Thumbstick: Seems OK to be honest. Not brilliant but not terrible either. I suppose I would have preferred a D-Pad but the thumbstick is no real problem as far as i'm concerned. The...
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    Firmware And Mame

    Hi, I just bought a Caanoo :D which should be with me in a few days.. I've bought it to play Mame more that anything else so could someone recommend which Firmware and version of Mame I should put on in order to get the best performance from the emulator? Thanks, and man i'm looking forward...