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    GP32 Searching For The Creator Of Magical_src_and_data

    Hi, no so long time ago, a devers, post the source of a game. This file was called This guy should be French because all the code has been commented in French. I'd like to ask him permission to reuse the code source and the data to remake the game and port it to...
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    Turrican 3 For C64 (frodo ?) !!

    Hi, I know this news is not directly for GP32 but has released a new game for C64 : Turrican 3 ! So he may be playable on the GP32 with frodo b10. I'm at job, and i haven't tryed it yet, but the game seems good !
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    GP32 Write On Virtual Smc

    Is it possible to write on virtual SMC when you try a program in GEEPEE32, or you can only read the virtual SMC ?
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    Test This Version Of Gppang On Euro Firmware

    Gppang Euro Version test Can someone test this version of Gppang on an Euro Firmware and tell me if it work or not ? I know that the 0.82 version don't work and i wonder if this test work ... Thank you !
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    GP32 Attack Wave Maker ?!

    Do you remember Shoot'em up construction Kit on C64,ST or Amiga ?! There was a tool in it to define attack wave for a space ship for example. Is there a tool on PC to define a PATH for a sprite with the mouse for example, and who generate a C structure to reuse in a program ?! I've searched a...
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    Lode Runner Clone

    Just a little post to say, that i'm developping a new little game, a clone of Lode Runner. You can download some WIP on Lode Runner Clone. Source code will be available soon. Hope i'll have time to finish it before my baby come to world ! (June) :D
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    GP32 makefile help

    Hi ! I need help with makefile in devkitdav. I've a huge .c with a bmp converted with gp32conv. In my gpmain.c i include it with #include "mygfx.c" but it is compiled every time ... How can i make a .h who "reference" the .c and change the makefile for compile it only when he is changed ...
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    PANG alpha version 0.000001

    Version 0.6 is out ! WHAT'S NEW : - New sprite engine with pixel perfect collision detection - New boucing ball engine (with the help of STICKOFJOY from gp32x forum) THANKS ! - New platform collision detection (with the theory of ALF, a friend of mine) THANKS ! - Double weapon Bonus - Freeze...
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    GP32 Testing code with GeePee 32

    Hi, i'm trying to adapt the arcade game PANG on GP32. I have a lot of question ... (sorry). The program don't overclock the gp32 (66Mhz) 1 - When i test the program with 10 sprites in geepee32 it slow down awfully ... With 32 sprites it's unplayable. It's seems to be ok on real GP32 but...