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  1. WarmFluffyUK

    Waves hello again

    Hello all, I haven't been around in a while and I'm amazed and glad the place is still going, how are we all, are any of the original members still active? Clare.
  2. WarmFluffyUK

    Bennu Help

    Hi all, Does anyone know if there's an English version of the Bennu manual. I'm having problems migrating some old Fenix projects over. One problem I am having is it appears Bennu doesn't appear to like the graph command and gives me the following error: error: Unknown identifier ( token...
  3. WarmFluffyUK

    Pc Driving Game Advice

    Hi All, I need a bit of advice from anyone out there who loves driving games on the PC, here's my predicament: A little while back I bought an all singing and dancing new graphics card (Zotac GTX260 216 Core supplied with the game "Grid") and it's blazingly fast, it plays Crysis with...
  4. WarmFluffyUK

    Help Needed

    Hi all, I need the help of a few people who currently own Caanoos. I can't say what it's all about yet but could you please PM me and I will explain. Thanks in advance, Clare.
  5. WarmFluffyUK

    Caanoo Info Links

    Here's some handy links for Caanoo, resources and information GPH on Facebook Blogs directly from GPH. FunGP The official GPH Store. Caanoo File Archive Our beloved file archives. Caanoo Wiki Official Wikipedia entry on the Caanoo. Caanoo News All about original games for the Caanoo.
  6. WarmFluffyUK

    Emulator Dev Guide

    GPH have released an emulator dev guide for the Wiz and Caanoo, it's basically a standardisation guide with key mappings etc: Emulator Dev Guide Title: Emulator Development Guide (Key) Date: 2010.08.17 Caanoo Caanoo Icon & TitleMain Icon to be showed - .png file / Size 26 x 26Sub title to be...
  7. WarmFluffyUK

    Caanoo Review

    Well life has been hectic recently and as a pre-production Caanoo arrived on my doorsetp a week or so ago I think it was about time I completed my half finished review, so here we go: On unpacking the Caanoo I was surprised how larger than the Wiz it was, especially since it’s supposed to be a...
  8. WarmFluffyUK

    Caanoo Software

    Hello Folks, May I ask, is anyone writing any software/apps/games for the Caanoo yet, or is it just confined to Play Asia? Toodles, Clare. Addition: If anyone requires a Beta tester, drop me a line.
  9. WarmFluffyUK


    Hia, Does anyone know if there's a Benu/Fenix runtime available for the Caanoo yet? Clare.
  10. WarmFluffyUK

    Pandora Feedback

    With the first Pandoras hitting our homes, I thought it might be prudent to start a feedback/review thread. The aim of this topic is to give our lucky Pandora owners a single point of feedback where the OP team can peruse quickly. Please follow the rules of this thread below. You must own a...
  11. WarmFluffyUK


    In case noone has noticed, it's Pacman's 30th anniversary, and google have been celebrating it by a little online game within the Google logo.... Kinda kewl really for all us retro fans! P.S. Obviously the link above is google, after today it will not point to the...
  12. WarmFluffyUK

    Any Ideas?

    A while ago I was given a dead Acerpower 1000: I didn't bother with it until yesterday and I found that it had 3 faulty caps on the motherboard, so I replaced them and to my surprise it now works. I can only think that the reason it died is because they are so close to a heat sink which cooked...
  13. WarmFluffyUK

    Ps3 Iplayer

    So who has tried the iPlayer on PS3 yet, and of those, who have actually got it to work with the official remote? I have tried it and I cannot for the life of me get iPlayer to pause.....
  14. WarmFluffyUK

    Fungp Sneak Preview

    Hi All, I have just been given a sneak preview of GPH's UK FunGP website: The site isn't live yet and as you can probably see the information populating the various sections is incorrect as it's probably just test data. I will bring you more info as I get it. Bye for now, Clare.
  15. WarmFluffyUK

    Gph Buys Rights To Roms

    Gamepark Holdings co. LTD has announced that is has bought the rights to 26 arcade ROMs. GPH are excited about this as it now means it is legal for them to officially add "Arcade Emulator" to the Wiz's specifications. This is very much the start of the new direction GPH are taking, as you know...
  16. WarmFluffyUK

    Gph Christmas Video Contest

    Promotional Video Clip Contest Gamepark Holdings Co., Ltd is hosting a promotional video clip contest starting 15th October 2009, and ending on 20th November 2009 @ 23:59 in your local time zone. Your Task: 1)Create a promotional clip, which promotes the GP2X WIZ 2)There is a time limit of 10...
  17. WarmFluffyUK

    2 New Videos From Gph

    GPH have given me 2 new videos to share with everyone: 1: Propis. Once upon a time, in a far off star there was a prince and his beloved citizens. Suddenly one day a kind of jelly called Propis fell from the sky and destroyed most of the town. The prince and his citizens have called for an...
  18. WarmFluffyUK

    Wiz Wifi Test

    I have a little short video of one of the first tests of WIFI working on the Wiz: Link to video on Youtube It's quite basic and the WIFI adapter is probably on the end of the multi connector on a break out board or Docking station. This is basically proof of concept that it is possible to...
  19. WarmFluffyUK


    After the good feedback when I mentioned I might be writing a Tricorder for the Wiz, here it is: Tricorder Have fun :)
  20. WarmFluffyUK


    Does anyone know if there's a way to determin the difference between files and folders with the GLOB function, or is there a better way to return the contents of a folder? I have tried this: CODE say(chdir("c:\")); While( (filename = Glob("*")) != "" ) say(filename); End...