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  1. kloplop321

    Gnuboy screen problems?

    So I found ED's gnuboy pnd, tried it out, it seems nice, can't work well when there are for some random reason 40 editions of Pokemon blue in one single 7z, but that's okay. However, It seems I cannot get scaling to work. I select the game, the zenity prompt comes up asking for what...
  2. kloplop321

    Openpandora Team: Get More Sleep

    EvilDragon showed up on IRC today and answered a few questions. I was hoping that he, a core team member, was getting enough sleep now that the earlier Two Months™ stress is over. This is what I got back: I love how the hotfixes are coming out swiftly, but I know from experience, when I don't...
  3. kloplop321

    The Ultimate Unofficial Open Pandora Stalker

    Many minutes™ ago, in the hallowed depths of time and our imaginations, Alec (Moo) produced a scraper that saved many lives from the perils of Pandora preponderance! Now all the updates of the Op Team were found easily in a single place! Gone were the long nights of endless refreshes, gone...
  4. kloplop321

    A Dream Revealed This Question To Me...

    I dreamed that I had the pandora, and I used my usb keyboard with it, though I couldn't figure out how to change it so the Pandora could use the keyboard in Dvorak mode. Which made me wonder when I became conscious... Will the pandora have the ability to change keyboard layouts for USB...
  5. kloplop321

    Nick Griffin?

    Not sure who this guy is("Nick Griffin"), but I have a feeling it is a UK thing Any one care to elaborate? EDIT: messed up the title, should be "Nick Griffin?"
  6. kloplop321

    Pandora Act As A Virtual Drive Over Usb

    Well, I was wondering this the other day, I am sure it is possible, but how easily possible: I do not know. As many know, you can make a lot of linux ISOs or Windows Installation disks work on a boot-able flash drive. Well, how easy would it be to say, select an ISO on the Pandora that is stored...
  7. kloplop321

    New Linux Kernel Updates

    Pretty much a copy and paste from ARM Add core support for ARMv6/v7 big-endian (commit)Support for ST-Ericsson U300 series mobile platforms (U300, U330, U335 and U365) (commit), (commit), (commit), (commit), (commit), (commit), (commit), (commit)Support...
  8. kloplop321

    usb accelerometer, know where to get one?

    Well, I was wondering, is there a usb accelerometer on the market anywhere? (for example the WiiMotes and the iPhone/iPod touch have them integrated) I don't seem to remember one ever being in the p&|a plans
  9. kloplop321

    Temporary Hd Mirror Download

    Well because some American or otherwise people do not have access to any of EvilDragon's servers, I have [kindly] uploaded [temporarily] the HD matchbox video to my server for download. I would appreciate it if you downloaded and not streamed. Anyway, here it is Click here you can find it on...
  10. kloplop321

    Bluetooth 1 Handed Keyboard It is $149 though, in my idea not worth it, but if people really want to I guess it can be used. This is Right handed only, and the letters are arranged for ergonomic and fast learning input
  11. kloplop321

    Unofficial Rss Feed

    well because nobody implemented an RSS system into whatever blogging system Craig and Co. Are using, I modified my own(that is used in my own blog system(which I also mostly made)) to where it handles the front page(this is not for the blog, please understand that!) well here it is...
  12. kloplop321

    pandora archive

    just to tell owners/admins people can see your database's username on the archive since it is down(though it does not show the pass) (Oh darn :lol: I wonder what it is like inside) Well I hope you guys fix this issue soon, I don't know why someone would screw with the site so...
  13. kloplop321

    Bluetooth idea

    Well, this is only and idea and not really available because the dev boards don't have the WiFi chip in it, but anyway, I was thinking.. Why not try to make a bluetooth sniffer that only takes data going to and from a specified device and correlating that with an interface, such as a wireless...
  14. kloplop321

    The Email Newsletter

    can we be guaranteed that we will be emailed on preorder day? No emails yet ever pertaining to progress, I do check on the site and I am a regular here, but I would like immediate notification when it is available to the hour :)
  15. kloplop321

    Any Boot Animation Details?

    Just wondering because it came to my mind look here (made in like 10 mins) Well, just wondering, I know the text will show up as it is booting, but I mean more than just Tux showing in the top left corner with a blue screen here. explanations or comments? :)
  16. kloplop321

    Simplistic Backgrounds

    Well I felt inspired to do these. Here is a small sample of it I based it from the image from It is in the resolutions of: 320x240 320x480 800x480 800x600 1024x786 1280x800 1280x1024 1440x900 1560x1170 1600x1200 1680x1050 1920x1200 EDIT: Previously there was a typo, but not...
  17. kloplop321

    Idea For O/s (blutooth Wii As Mouse)

    Well, it should just be an option, but It would be interesting to use the rotational data from the Wii remote as a means of moving the mouse. There are debian libraries for a simple Wii-Remote framework libcwiid1-dev libcwiimote-dev for the source. It is only an idea, it way be implemented, with...
  18. kloplop321

    Usb Keyboard Layouts?

    Well I know that there will be a QWERTY keyboard physically on the Pandora, however, as I understand the machine will be compatible with most USB devices; anyway, In the custom O/S, can there be an option for peripheral keyboards to be in other layouts, such as Dvorak, or in other languages? I...