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  1. torpor

    M5Stack ( split from Odroid Go ) ^^^ a bit more interesting. (EDIT: as a target platform for a PICO8 port...)
  2. torpor

    Screw The Pandora, Blow The Caanoo, Shit On The Wiz!

    This is the game I'm currently playing the hell out of:
  3. torpor

    Release Port: Flipclock For Pandora

    Today I ported FlipClock to the Pandora: Get the .PND file here: Screenshot: Its a very nice little clock for the Pandora featuring animations and two different themes, alarms, etc. ALERT: Rapid Bug-Fixing in Progress! Please stay tuned unless you...
  4. torpor

    Tapatalk Plugin?

    Hi, Is this forum every going to get set up to use Tapatalk, like the forum on is currently set up to use? I'm finding it very nice to use this app on my iPhone, and would really appreciate it if the mods could consider this .. as far as I know, its pretty easy to set up and...
  5. torpor

    Pandora For Sale Or Trade: I Want An Ipad

    I have two Pandoras, both of them in great condition, and I am now in a position where I want to trade one of them - or sell it - in order to get myself an iPad. I can no longer resist the lures of the Korg iMS20 application (even though I have a real MS20), so I want to start my iPad synth...
  6. torpor

    Wiz Won't Start Up, Won't Display Anything ..

    .. its been in my drawer for about 2 months, and I'm quite sure it had a full charge when I left it there, but it seems that my dear Wiz won't boot now .. I've got the USB-WIZ charging cable plugged into a Mains->USB adapter (so that I know that its "full charge capacity" USB supply), but ...
  7. torpor

    Wifi Connectivity On Caannoo?

    I got the WiFi kit with my Caanoo but I haven't been able to use it yet .. either I'm totally missing something, or it seems there is no way to enter the password for the networks? My Caanoo sees my networks, but every time I try to join on, it just hangs and then says "failure" .. I'm assuming...
  8. torpor

    I Just Unwrapped My 2Nd Pandora ..(*-)

    okay, so i've had my pandora(s) for a few weeks now, and as i might've mentioned, my #54 has been an object of love for a long time. i held back on opening my second one for a few weeks, and actually left it in the box. i've been very pleased with the pandora, i'm a real fanboix. so i opened...
  9. torpor

    Pandora Pandora As A Midi Sequencing Workstation ..

    Just working with DJWillis right now on getting MIDI sorted out and I thought I'd start a developer thread about this for others to benefit, if needed .. I'm doing all my development *on* the Pandora, so there are some package dependencies that need to be sorted out, but its pretty nice right...
  10. torpor

    Beta Pandoricutron 1.0.8

    Announcing, PandOricutron release 1.0.8 - a Pandora port and package of the Oricutron 8-bit Emulator of Oric-1 and Atmos machines! Available now for your Pandora here: This Pandora-exclusive package includes a set of new, free games, written and...
  11. torpor

    My Keys Are Starting To Wear Off .. Already?!

    I'm sorry to report that the keys on my Pandora are starting to lose their shine .. this is most noticeable on my E and A keys (most common used letters), on the upper left corner, and it appears that the coating on the key is starting to wear off in general .. I've noticed it on other keys too...
  12. torpor

    A Quick Port Of Sfxr To Debug Sound ..

    I ported sfxr to the PandoraOS: (Sources included, .bin also included) sfxr is a little mini-sound generating program useful for designing 8-bit style sound effects for games. See the authors web page here...
  13. torpor

    Cross-Compiling Is Bollocks! Toolchains Are Bollocks! Use Yo

    In preparation for future development, I spent some time this evening getting my Pandora set up to support my efforts. No, you do *not* need a cross-compiler environment, or separate external toolchain, or a copy of the PandoraOS Angstrom environment, to build fast, 3D apps for the Pandora, in...
  14. torpor

    Wooohoooo! I Got My Pandora!

    Very, very excited .. my Pandoras have finally arrived!! BIG CONGRATS TEAM! They look fantastic! I can't wait to spend my spare hours getting stuff ready for this wonderful platform! :) /me goes off to do an unboxing video ..
  15. torpor

    I Couldn't Help It, I Had To Get One: Linux Pico Projector With Re

    I just ordered one of these: One look at the remote keyboard, the onboard Linux features, the ability use it as a normal projector for my iPod, and the fact that its *cheap*, and I just had to get it ...
  16. torpor

    Somewhere .. In China ..

    .. small globules of dark plastic particles are melting, forming a stream and then becoming a flow, being forced under intense pressure into channels and guides of screaming copper, around bends and dips and curves, and then suddenly hardening to become one, borne through a fog of steam, among a...
  17. torpor

    Hands Up If You Are A Developer And Don't Care About Paint.

    I am a developer. I primarily want my Pandoras (ordered two) so that I can develop software for it. I do not care if it looks pretty - the only thing that matters is that the hardware works and that there will be future users. So: Hands up if you just want OPT to ship the Pandoras to those...
  18. torpor

    Pandora Where Are The Kernel Sources For Pandora Os?

    Reading about the WLAN issues of the PandoraOS recently, I suddenly realized that I haven't seen the PandoraOS kernel sources talked about much. So my question is this - where are the sources located? Doing a bit of boot-strapping on the issue of the WLAN driver problems, I ran into this...
  19. torpor

    The Cases Are Fine: Ship!

    Look, perfect is never going to happen, and never does. What will be perfect is in 2 months time, when we've mostly all got Pandora's in our hands and are playing the new stuff that we, developers not scared of a few smudges, are waiting to pitch into the field. It is time for you, craig...
  20. torpor

    Did My Own Handheld Case Design ..

    Its no Pandora, but my son is getting this for Christmas: Tailor-made case with my own design, and a few other little bits and pieces .. should definitely tide him over until the Pandora arrives! :)