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    Squidgesnes 0.396

    great emulator.
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    Rapidracoon Progress

    This is true to an extent, however, any customer "buying" the gpled code would instantly have redistribution rights over it and would be legally entitled to give the source code to whoever he wished. License discussion is always good as long as it causes awareness, there's way too many...
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    Rapidracoon Progress

    Not necessarily, the (afaik unfinished) GPL v3 is supposed to avoid DRM, but the current version says nothing about it so there's no real problem. If you are worried about a drm scheme being inviable if people can see the code, well, unless it is a very sloppy implementation, having the source...
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    Overclocking: 920 Vs 940

    Could it be that running 2 processors pulls more from the batteries? I know that my gp2x is stable at 290MHz when using a power adapter yet it can barely get to 270MHz when on batteries, so it might not be all that far fetched.
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    New Gpu940, New Egoboo2x

    As far as I know "necesistan" is actually spelt "necesitan", "tranduciendo" should be "traduciendo" and "alludar" "ayudar" ;)
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    Pocketsnes Version 3

    I thought I was going crazy, I see it too.
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    Pocketsnes Version 3

    I don't remember about that one, but quite a number of snes rpg games change resolutions on the fly every time a text box pops out. I guess it makes sense, as most fonts would be pretty hard to read at the extremely poor (somewhere around 256×224 if I remember well) resolutions most snes games...
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    Uniracers For Snes

    This game was called Unirally in europe, it would certainly grad pretty high if I ever made a list of my favourite games of all time. Too bad the guys that made it changed their name to rockstar north and have only been doing grand theft auto sequels in the last years :(
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    Squidgesnes V0.37a Released

    That's not really bug, it is caused by the "Fast Sprites" option. The bad news are that the option can't be turned off in this version.
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    Squidgesnes V0.37a Released

    Is there support for disabling layers in this emulator?
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    Chrono Trigger Troubles With Squidgesnes

    I think that emulator has an option to disable layers, take a look at the readme file, it should be there.
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    Gp2psx V0.36

    I made a cleaner one just in case someone is interested on understanding it:
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    Gp2psx V0.36

    It would probably be easier to do on the dreamcast too, seeing as it has 3d hardware.
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    Blogcritics Gp2x Review

    You either haven't tested the alkalines or have much better alkalines than me. From my experience Alkalines last about as half as my nimh.
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    Quetoo: A Fast Quake2

    glxgears only shows 2 coloured and not textured gears in screen, the simplest 3D games would need around 10 times the processing power glxgears needs.
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    It is designed to take away freedom from the user, so it is bad by definition.
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    Squidgesnes 0.35 Hack

    Also, I think it is very likely that the ARM7 mounted on the gba is not an off-the-shelves ARM7 processor and has some custom opcodes thrown in. Gph is not the case, but big companies who can afford it usually do.
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    Squidgesnes 0.35 Hack

    Still no response from squidge? I'd like to know wht does he think about this new version ; )
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    Are We Still Expecting A 1.5 Firmware?

    I'm sure everyone on the boards has switched to firefox and opera. Avoiding getting your system blown up is a good motivation for the switch I guess.
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    Vektar freezes when I get over 5 green lives, the first time I though it was only a coincidence, but has happened to me twice already. Has anyone else experienced this?