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    Software No sound in HHexen and HHeretic

    I am having sound issues with the HHexen & HHeretic pnd's from the site. The games run fine but there is no sound there is just some horrid noises randomly during gameplay. Can't figure out why because sound woeŕks fine in other applications like the super nintendo emu. This...
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    Question Regarding UAE4ARM and Vice

    I have been playing with my Pandora again for the first time in a long long time. I was fooling around with the Amiga and C64 emulators UAE4ARM and Vice-x64. I couldn't remember do any of these emulators support using the nub on the Pandora as the joystick or do they only work with the d-pad?
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    Strange behaviour of pandora wifi

    I have a CC pandora and since I've had it, I have only been able to get 90 - 100 kbytes/s out of it in transfer speed. But what is more strange is that when it is downloading something all my other devices on the wifi network can't function. Meaning that when I try to download with my Nexus 7...
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    Weird Nub behaviour

    I've had my pandora (with HF5 installed) for little over week now and I'm very happy with it but I've been having some issues with the nubs. I'm using my nubs in the standard configuration, e.g. left nub functions as the mouse and the right nub functions as the mouse buttons. The issue I've been...
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    Rhythmos Patvh Out For Firmware 1.5.0

    Patch for Rhythmos is out on for firmware 1.5.0. But in the noticed they forgot to add the updated you need to patch :rolleyes: . Anyone got that file?
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    Caanoo To Gp32X Frontpage

    Is the frontpage of going to be updated anytime soon with Caanoo Files list from and the Caanoo section?
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    Wtb: Tapwave Zodiac 2

    Looking for a Tapwave Zodiac 2 in good condition. Suddenly got an itch for one of these.
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    Choppy Gameplay On Dingoo And Dingux

    I just got my Dingoo 2 days ago and I've upgraded the firmware to 1.20 from pof and put Dingux on it as well with dmenu 0.51. I then loaded the local-0.32 pack on it and the update 0.32a. I tried Hexen and Heretic and a few emulators but everything is very choppy. Do I need to overclock or am I...
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    Giana's Return Is Out

    Finally it is here :D . The public beta of Giana's Return is out and it is for the Wiz :D . Little info about the game: Giana's Return aims to be a worthy inofficial sequel of "The Great Giana Sisters". "The Great Giana Sisters" is an alltime classic Jump'N'Run game made in the late eighties...
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    Payback For Wiz?

    Anybody know if Payback is going to be released for the Wiz also? I know it is out on the Iphone. Regards André
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    Update On The Site

    Can anybody maybe translate this?;iArticleId=30;iArticleId=29;iArticleId=28 Regards André PS. One of the links seem to describe a new firmware update...
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    Pocketsnes Question

    I've finally gotten PocketSNES running with sound (set the sound output to 22050 and did a global save). But the sound has some static noise in some games like super metroid and mario plu also how do I quite the emulator? I can only get out if I do a full reset of my Wiz. Same goes for the Gfpc...
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    Installing Games On The Wiz

    Yesterday I got my Wiz ang I've been tinkering with it a bit but I am confused about a few things. I've installed a few games like Blix2x and Bubble Train and they work fine when I run them from the launcher. But how do I make them visible under Wiz Games on the SD card? Do I need to put them I...
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    Since the wiz is now out and also that GPH has released the 1.0.0 firmware, wouldn't be a good idea to make a unified thread where people post bugs in the firmware, i.e. translation errors, maybe feature request and etc.? It would be much easier to find issues with firmware, fixes and when new...
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    GP2X Wiz Reviews

    Found this review on tuxradar, enjoy! and another one from the play-asia blog ... sions.html ... rived.html Regards André
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    Neue youtube video von dem Wiz

    Einer aus dem Englischen Forum hat mal kurz ein paar Videos gemacht von seinem neuen Wiz. Regards André Die Videos: Lh9mIPiT1ds Und das Zweite: WqBvfFel_Xs
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    Her Knights Running On The Gp2x Wiz

    For those interested I just found this on youtube. Regards André