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    Vektar freezes when I get over 5 green lives, the first time I though it was only a coincidence, but has happened to me twice already. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Quake Mods

    Well, even if I don't like the game that much, I finished quake in my GP2X. Now I'm looking for one player mods to keep playing for a bit more, my problem is that it looks like the mods are far more hardware demanding that the original game itself so I'd like to ask if you know any fun mods...
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    Is Drmdx Using The Second Processor?

    Yesterday I ran DrMDx 4.3 after overclocking the main processor and noticed that there was no sound. The app I used to overclock turns off the second processor, so I concluded that the emulator must be using the second processor for the sound. I found no reference to it in the readme, so I am...
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    More Problems With Duke3d

    I seem to be too stupid to get duke3D to work on my gp2x. When I run it I just get a black screen and then back to the gp2x menu. I have read several old posts on people getting problems with duke, but none seems to apply to my case. I think the problem might be that I am running an...