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  1. GPJosh

    New Xbox 360 Pics.

    For every one who hasn't seen them yet, here's the latest batch of xbox 360 pics. that all seem to somewhat match. (Yes I relize they do not match exactly). Also, I can just post links if the pictures are too big than some people like. Anyway, any thoughts? As usual, they could be fakes...
  2. GPJosh


    Does anybody know if there is a way to have two computers networked together so that a third computer recognises them as one computer? (Shared HDs, tasks split between the two CPUs, etc.) Thanks. :)
  3. GPJosh

    Flash Carts

    Does anybody know if they make Nes and Snes flash carts, and if so, where I could buy one? Thanks. :)
  4. GPJosh

    Old Topic

    Does anybody know where the old pinned topic "Chocolate is Now Legal Currency" is? That gave me a good laugh before and I can't seem to find it. Thanks.
  5. GPJosh

    Someone Should Buy This.

    I would love to see someone buy this and dump the firmware. I always wanted to see what the Astonia R firmware was like. :P
  6. GPJosh

    Pc Dvd Player

    What's the best free PC dvd player that has surround sound and is stable? Right now I am using what my computer came with, PC-Friendly Dvd. :)
  7. GPJosh

    Been Away

    I've just been away for a month. What did I miss? ;)
  8. GPJosh

    Just Back

    I just got back after a week. What did I miss?
  9. GPJosh


    I have a lot of C64 games but I am wondering which are the best? PS. I HAVE used the search function. ;)
  10. GPJosh

    Gp32x Rss Feed

    I was wondering if GP32x could have an XML Rss feed like GP32emu's. I think it would be very helpful in the morning when I don't have time to read, but to just sync and go quickly. Any Ideas? B) EDIT: Oops... can someone please move this to suggestions.
  11. GPJosh

    Best Linux Distro?

    What is the best Linux distro for some one who is new to Linux but doesn't like learning Linux command prompt commands any more than needed? EDIT: What are the different Distro's pros and cons?
  12. GPJosh

    Gp32 Internet

    I remember a WHILE ago there was a movie floating around showing the Gp32 prototype browsing Yahoo and the news post had the title "Last Chance". I think this was before I was even a member of this site and was just checking out the scene. Does anybody have a link? EDIT: Nevermind, found it...
  13. GPJosh


    I've been using Firefox for a while and I know there is a feature somewhere that lets it act like IE. Does anybody know a way to turn this feature on? :huh:
  14. GPJosh

    Gp32 Ide Makefile

    When I try to compile it says "MakeFile not found" where do I put Makefile? :ph34r:
  15. GPJosh

    Divx Movie Problem

    When I try to encode one my movie files to Virtual Dub it only shows the first frame and then sound after it. It seems to have all the frame because I test incoded it it in many different areas, but it just won't play. The movie is coded in DivX. Any ideas?
  16. GPJosh

    What Browser Do You Use?

    What browsers does everybody use? :huh: I personally use FireFox and used to use Internet Explorer. B)
  17. GPJosh

    Dead Links Topic

    The offical dead links topic. Post all the dead links you find around here so the can be fixed. B) Right Now Can't Link To: - fGB32 first release - Handy Port2 ver.0.1 Post others you find. ;)
  18. GPJosh


    When I try to load Super Metroid and Super Mario Rpg in OpenSnes9x the game says to take out the multi tap to continue. Has anybody else had this problem? Is there a way to get past it?
  19. GPJosh

    Best All Time Threads

    We should make a list of the best all time threads/your fave thread. (Like that old one on the gp32 vs. pda that was eventually locked :lol: )
  20. GPJosh


    When a browsing through old gbax compitions, I noticed a program I had forgot about, WinGP. What ever happened to it?