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  1. Mr 2X

    Pollux Dpc Set

    Could anyone recompile Pollux DPC set to overclock Caanoo (and for other settings) ?,0,0,0,46,135 Tnx :)
  2. Mr 2X


    I'm very interested about GP2X emulator by notaz. I'ld like to know if it's a proper emulator or something like, and if it has good performance (or just a tech demo). It would be great to play some GP2X homebrews that haven't been ported B) Please notaz give us some infos :)
  3. Mr 2X


    Who wants to make Wiz port ? :P Source:,0,0,0,27,2320 Website:
  4. Mr 2X

    About Gpl & Kernel Source

    I don't know much about GPL & kernel source, but the lively discussion on Caanoo thread generated a pair of topic on GPain community (perhaps sbock did some questions). To whom it may concern: I understand only...
  5. Mr 2X

    Kounchs' Selector

    It would be useful a Wiz port of Kounchs' Selector (e.g. for phoneME and other). Here there are GP2X version and sourcecode of (last) 1.3b version: I don't know if it's possible or if it would easier to make/modify another selector. In...
  6. Mr 2X

    Phoneme For Wiz

    PhoneME SDL is a GP2X port by -zaxxon- that use SDL and based on Sun's phoneME project. It can run Java/J2ME games developed for mobile phones. As demonstrated here, it works without any changes even on Wiz. If you want to try on the fly a pair of mobile games, you can download Mister Hachi...
  7. Mr 2X

    Pandora Angst Coding Competition 2010: The Winners

    Finally they's been published the results of the Pandora Angst Coding Competition 2010. … And the winners are: 1st Place: So lets roll a smile [Dingux] Author: Rodrigo Cardoso – Prize: 328 € approx. 2nd Place: Nether Dimensional Runner [GP2X/Wiz] Author: Imerion - Prize: 286 € approx...
  8. Mr 2X

    Wiz's Dms Speaker

    Surfing the web, I stumbled upon this special earphones, that perhaps they should be an innovative accessory for the Wiz (no jokes :P ). (Pictures from  here ) Explanation taken  here
  9. Mr 2X

    Uae4All Compatibility List

    I rearranged the whole info about Uae4All (taken from and made this UAE4All Compatibility List. You can find here: Moreover, I wrote some tips too:
  10. Mr 2X

    [Exclusive] Gph Next Console

    It seems that GPH has decided what will be the successor of the Wiz. Directly reported from the Tony k Han words:
  11. Mr 2X


    Powermanga is a nice space shooter ported to GP2X ages ago.  The sourcecode of 0.80-3 version:,0,0,0,46,1694 And on the official website  is available the most recent 0.90 version.
  12. Mr 2X

    Script To Distinguish Between Gp2X And Wiz

    I'm curious about the gpe script that GLBasic apps use to distinguish between GP2X and Wiz. Here it is: #!/bin/sh if [ -e /sys ] then     ./gp2xwiz.prg else     ./gp2x.prg fi cd /usr/gp2x ./gp2xmenu What does it mean [ -e /sys ] ? If I replace .prg files with the correct gpe files of...
  13. Mr 2X

    Fenix Games Repack

    I've "repacked" some Fenix games to work with the Wiz (no ports). They are Camelot Warriors, Minigolf, Altitude and Castle of Dr Malvado. It's possible to download them from my site: All credits go to original author/porter. Anyone who wants can upload...
  14. Mr 2X


    Hi    :) I would'nt look like a spammer (*looks around for severe mods*   :ph34r: )  but I wanted to just report my new site: it's mainly a blog news only about the GPH console (GP2X Wiz, F100 & F200) with some little extras inside    ;) It hasn't the most incredible graphics, however I...
  15. Mr 2X


    I think to buy my Wiz from (an oriental reseller). Has anyone taken anything from it ? Is it reliable and fast ? Thanks for your answers.
  16. Mr 2X

    Heart Of Darkness - Hode

    Source here:   Oh... someone ports this... please please pleeeeaseee  :P   
  17. Mr 2X

    Descent 1 & 2 ?

    Source for the DXX engine: I don't know if anyone still has sourcecode of GP2X port (D1X D2X ).
  18. Mr 2X


    I know there is already Vice for Wiz, but I'ld like to have the port of Frodo too  :) Source:,0,0,0,46,884
  19. Mr 2X


    Is it possible a port of Qtopia for the Wiz ?  It would be a great app with working touchscreen and clock.  B) Source: Old GP2X port:,0,0,0,8,1361
  20. Mr 2X

    New (and Heavy) Firmware Soon ?

    From Spanish forum: QUOTE Buenas: GPH me ha confirmado que en breve se lanzará un nuevo firmware de Wiz que debe traer unas cuantas novedades y fixes, y que pesa... 800MB. Espero tener más información sobre las novedades que traerá en breve. En cuanto sepa algo lo postearé por aquí...