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  1. Poem58

    Don't Panic! games cannot use even 256MB of ram.

    Years ago when RAM was much more expensive, it was not uncommon for lower to middle priced PC's to be sold with the minimum recommended amount or just above the requirement for Windows. Those people would come to someone like myself and ask why once they loaded programs, antivirus etc. the...
  2. Poem58

    PS2 Kinda works?

    Keep in mind as well that a CD and a DVD are read using seperate laser diodes. It is very possiblr for the DVD laser to die and the CD laser to be fine. If it had been primarily used as a CD player, you could be having the reverse problem. Over the years I have had a number of DVD players that...
  3. Poem58

    100% success! (2011-12-24)

    There were some games released that while compatible with the original DS had features that were only usable on the DSi. So you only got a limited version on the DS. Which would be similar to this situation I suppose. It happens. Things change. I waited since the beginning of 2009 for my Pandora...
  4. Poem58

    Next pandora (competition model)

    One thing I would like to see on the next device is either some sort of headphone jack ports for adding Paddle controllers. The most ideal would be to have some sort of pop up potentiometer built in, but that could not only be difficult to find if it exists, but where to put it even. Now if this...
  5. Poem58

    I want the whole repo

    Ah haha! I love that commercial! They tell you at the end that you can get a $30 rebate plus a free copy of Pacman. Essentially, they are giving you $30 to TAKE Pacman! It was THAT bad, lol. Ah, I miss those days. especially seeing someone like myself could play Atari Pacman and ET and be satisfied.
  6. Poem58

    MyPaint picture gallery

    I had wondered this as well. That could make the Pandora a very powerful and useful tool for artists. Still it's pretty cool what can be done with the touchscreen though, but an actual Wacom tablet could really be neat as I think it might be difficult to draw on the screen for long.
  7. Poem58

    Wifi defective 7 day Pandoras

    Considering every unit technically belonged to a preorderer in the first place, I can see why this would cause more grief. When OPT needed more money the idea of selling already paid for units out of order was accepted to help the company. It would make sense to satisfy preorders who wish to...
  8. Poem58

    Preorders have started! (2011-10-04)

    Well, seeing as how I'm already out $18 in fees from preordering and refunding. I won't be preordering per se right now. But come income tax time early next year I still have my sights on getting one. I just needed the money right now considering it didn't look likely I would get on before then...
  9. Poem58

    Potential battery life improvement?

    I wonder if it wouldn't be feasible to make a timed charging program. Where you could input say 8 hours and it would maximize the charge cycles so that it would be near or at 100% when that time expired. I only thought of this due to most people saying they put it on charge at bedtime. Since...
  10. Poem58

    $1 Pandora.

    Haha, but it was
  11. Poem58


    My favorite cookie is a bit of an oddity. It's to my knowledge not sold in stores, has no real name by itself other than what I call it and it viewed by most people as odd. It's the chocolate CHIPLESS cookie. Yep. That's right. I love the cookie, without the chips (I do still like Chocolate...
  12. Poem58

    Yarr! what be your pirate name!?

    I decided to see what your forum name became and it was EvilDragon = "Pirate Palgrave the Rum-Swiller" mine was Poem58 = "Jelly Legs Butch" I wonder what the algorithm is to make these names, they seem pretty random but always the same for each name if checked again. Funny none the...
  13. Poem58


    Thanks, I kinda figured it would work, but I've learned to never assume anything anymore. This is one of the things I expected to do around the house with my Pandora so it's good to know there will be no problem. While I may no longer be in the queue, I still plan on getting one. Hopefully, come...
  14. Poem58


    I'm curious about this too. If I'm going to reorder in the future, playing something like Shoutcast streams would indeed be important to me. So I'm keeping my eyes on this thread. Edit: I just assumed Shoutcast would work, can anyone confirm or deny that (I like Club 977's 80's channel)
  15. Poem58

    I'm a patient man...

    Something has to be wrong with emails getting to OPT then, cause I sent my refund request Monday night before I went to bed and my refund was in my Paypal account Tuesday morning when I got up. I have never waited more than a couple of days for a response, so my mails were getting through and...
  16. Poem58

    Quotations, Production speed and the future (2011-09-01)

    Here's an odd question. Would it be worth it (If WiFi was the only issue) to just tell them to send you all the populated boards ASAP and just either add the USB wifi module discussed in the past or whatever and just get it out and be done with them? I for one would not mind a Wifi adapter just...
  17. Poem58

    No cts from bt chip & no power supply adapters

    So see if I got this right. You notified them of the adapter issue, of which they said they would replace when you sent the incorrect ones back. You waited a couple of weeks and realized she was waiting for you to send them back first. You want them to send you new ones immediately, yet despite...
  18. Poem58

    My NEW YOUTUBE video reviews of the Pandora

    We all have our bad times, some lash out, other like myself ball up in a corner and hide. Admitting such a thing is noble and appreciated. While comments might be low, it along with current comments show just how much this community strives to get along, be civil, helpful and when necessary...
  19. Poem58

    my 2 new youtube vids.

    You seemed quite angry with me on your Youtube page but I'm willing to let bygones be bygones. While you did seem to treat my responses as if I were trying to insult you, I was just trying to figure out why you seemed so happy with your Pandora, then suddenly seemed passionate about your disdain...